06 - Working time

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The North East's workers do unpaid overtime per week worth over £14 million per week and almost £748 million per year according to new findings. Analysis published by the TUC today (Friday), on the ninth annual Work Your Proper Hours Day shows that 1799,030 workers (17.5%) in the North East...
28 February 2013
The two billion hours of unpaid overtime worked last year would be enough to create over a million extra full-time jobs, the TUC says today (Thursday) as it announces the date for Work Your Proper Hours Day 2012.
05 January 2012
Most people at work have a right to rest breaks, and daily and weekly rest periods and the right not to be pressured into agreeing to work more than 48 hours a week on average. There are also protections for individuals doing night work and special rules for young workers.
21 July 2011