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The Wales TUC is the voice of Wales at work. With over 50 affiliated trade unions, the Wales TUC represents nearly half a million workers. We campaign for a fair deal at work and for social justice at home and abroad.

Wales TUC position on the EU Referendum

On Thursday 23 June we will decide whether the UK should continue its membership of the European Union.

As part of the British TUC, the Wales TUC has campaigned and lobbied to expose the UK Government’s anti-worker rights agenda; to press employers to accept the need for a high level of workers’ rights as the quid pro quo for access to the single market; and to persuade other European Governments to reject the agenda of worse rights for working people.

We will continue to advocate a positive vision of a people’s Europe and reforms that would promote investment for sustainable growth, decent work with good wages and a greater say for people at work. Investment in public infrastructure like social housing, transport, telecommunications and energy efficiency could create 11 million highly skilled and well-paid jobs across Europe. Europe needs a pay rise and an adequate floor of enforceable minimum wages to protect the most vulnerable.

The Wales TUC has consistently made the case for continued EU membership to ensure that crucial European investment is used to support the Welsh economy which faces the real impact of inequality, made worse by recession, austerity and welfare cuts. Along with providing protections for our basic rights at work and access to the world’s largest market, the Wales TUC believes that a more equal and just Wales is possible in Europe.

Commenting on the upcoming EU referendum, Wales TUC General Secretary, Martin Mansfield said:

‘Generations of trade unionists fought hard to win the rights that the EU now guarantees. If we lose them because of Brexit, it could take generations to get them back again.

‘Wales simply cannot afford to be cut off from a Europe that has delivered more rights for working people as well as essential funds to help regenerate our communities and support better jobs where they are needed most.’


  • Further information on the British TUC position on the EU referendum and the impact it has upon the economy, public services and employment rights is available via

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All Wales Equality Network

The Wales TUC All Wales Equality Network has been set up for Trade Union Equality Representatives.  The network meets quarterly in locations across Wales and shares information across the network on the latest developments in the equality field.

If you would like to become an Equality Rep and receive a monthly newsletter containing valuable equality related information from the All Wales Equality Rep Network please email [email protected]

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