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This page presents video content from across the TUC and its supported campaigns.

Public sector workers explain the impact of 7 years restrictions to their wages.
01 Aug 2017
Recent months have shown how brave and dedicated the people in our public services are. It’s time to give all of our hardworking public servants the pay rise they’ve earned.
18 Jul 2017
Over three million people – one in ten of the UK workforce – now face insecurity at work.
26 Jun 2017
People were inspired in this election by policies and messages about better jobs, fairer pay and security at work, says Owen Jones. But that doesn't have to happen just once every election - We can make real change day to day in our workplaces by joining a union.
16 Jun 2017
The TUC's Paul Nowak visits the Cadburys factory in Birmingham on the Britain Still Needs A Pay Rise campaign tour, to talk about unions and the kind of investment we need in UK industry if we&
06 Jun 2017
The TUC's Frances O'Grady is in Hartlepool with the 
01 Jun 2017
Happy May Day to all trade unionists and working people everywhere from Frances O'Grady and the TUC.
01 May 2017
Outlining trade unions' priorities as we seek a new relationship with the EU.
30 Mar 2017
Despite the positive talk of an economy that works for everyone, its figures show that workers will be no better off at the end of the Parliament than they were set to be at the time of the last Au
08 Mar 2017