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This page presents video content from across the TUC and its supported campaigns.

End the Rail Rip Off
Action for Rail campaign film. Commuters tell us what they think about fare rises and value on our railways, and the case for public ownership.
02 Jan 2017
100K say: Philip Green honour your BHS pension promise
Former BHS owner Philip Green says he is “very, very, very sorry” about the £571 million hole in the pension fund, left after the high street chain closed its doors this summer.
05 Dec 2016
5 tips for union reps to support disabled workers
Disability History Month is a good time to reflect on ways to create an inclusive workplace for disabled workers.
22 Nov 2016
Debbie's story: from gender reassignment to trade union activist
After 9 years working in a school, Debbie came out as a trans woman and told her school that she was going to start the process of transitioning.
20 Nov 2016
Young workers' raw deal: low pay
A 21 year old on the minimum wage gets 25p less an hour than people over 25. That’s about £10 a week less for doing the same job.
14 Nov 2016
Get ahead at work - Join a union
"Half of all 'zero-hour contracts' workers are under 30. Workers on zero-hour contracts typically earn half as much as a permanent worker."
01 Nov 2016
Nicola, 28, Equity union member
“For the entertainment sector, low – or even no pay – is a huge issue.
31 Oct 2016
Trades Councils 2016v3H264
Trades union councils use their unique place in their community to promote a positive vision of trade unions - a democratic force for fairness and progress in the modern workplace in touch with the
12 Oct 2016
Unions fighting for justice
A short film on how the trade union movement has been fighting miscarriages of justice for many years and they will continue to do so.
11 Oct 2016
Lay Rep Awards #TUC16
Congratulations to all the winners of Reps of the Year Awards. These awards recognise the outstanding achievements and contribution union representatives make in ensuring we have a s
13 Sep 2016