Union Issues

While today’s vote is disappointing, the campaign against the Bill is far from over. We will continue to oppose it as it goes through the House of Lords.
10 November 2015
A summary of activity that took place for the lobby on 2 November.
04 November 2015
Next week, the trade union bill will have its final vote in the House of Commons. Its proposals will fundamentally undermine UK workers' right to strike and attack key civil liberties. Activists' details will be passed to employers and police, and employers will be free to use agency temp workers...
03 November 2015
Trade unions play a vital role in representing millions of workers across the country and making sure they are treated fairly at work. Collective bargaining is at the heart of winning a better deal for workers. It works because employers and employees both have some power. Part of that balance...
02 November 2015
Today, the trade union bill committee met to discuss the bill’s proposals on union ballots, or specifically its lack of proposals to improve them. We've marked this by handing in our petition signed by more than 20,000 supporters, calling for unions to be allowed to use secure online and workplace...
22 October 2015
Gloria Mills has today (Thursday) been elected as President of the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) Women’s Committee for the next four years. The ETUC represents 60 million trade union members across the EU and its immediate neighbours.
22 October 2015
When you’re just starting out in a career, the idea you might one day be going out on strike is hardly likely to cross your mind. The right to strike is a last resort, and one you often don’t think about unless you need it. But young workers will be...
21 October 2015
The Midlands TUC Regional Council met on Saturday October 17.
19 October 2015
200 reps and activists from across Nottingham packed out the Polish Eagle Club in Nottingham to campaign against the Trade Union Bill.
16 October 2015
Monday 2 November 2015, 2.30pm onwards This November MPs will vote on the government’s controversial trade union bill, which threatens the basic right to strike for UK workers. Shortly before the vote, on the afternoon of Monday 2 November , hundreds of people from all over the country will gather...
13 October 2015