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Trades Union Councils and County Associations are an important part
Despite health and safety being a prime activity for unions,
The TUC has produced a new resource for use by

Strong unions matter, which is why the TUC assists unions, through the Organising Academy, to build membership, improve workplaces and speak with authority on behalf of working people and their families.

Strong unions are created by investing in organising; thinking about our resources, how we represent members and develop reps and stewards.

For more information on what we're up to day to day, you can read our blog, Stronger Unions or you can contact the team on [email protected]

Stronger Unions Blog
Stronger Unions is a news and comment blog about the UK trade union movement, managed by the TUC. We aim to be a central resource on the web for people wanting to find out about what unions are doing, and a community for people to contribute their own thoughts on developments for our movement.

4 October 2015 Speaking later today (Sunday) at the ‘ No to austerity, Yes to workers’ rights’ rally in Manchester, TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady will tell marchers that the Trade Union Bill is proof that the government is not on the side of working people. Frances, who will speak...
04 October 2015
date: 2 October 2015 embargo : For immediate release Commenting on today’s (Friday) selection of Zac Goldsmith as London Mayoral candidate, TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady said: “Zac Goldsmith has just been selected the Conservative’s mayoral candidate by an online ballot. But the government won’t allow union members to vote...
02 October 2015
One of the things that completely shows how the trade union bill is based on ideology rather than any desire to change things for the better is that the focus the Government is putting on the number of strikes we have. The right to strike is of course a basic...
24 September 2015
Two hundred members of the public attended a public rally against the Government's trade union bill on September 22nd at Carr's lane Church in Birmingham
23 September 2015
There are more than 107,000 people (2013 estimate) living with the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) in the UK, mostly of working age, of whom a quarter are unaware of their status. Although most who live with HIV in the UK have normal life expectancy and lead fulfilling working lives, a...
22 September 2015
The government believe that too many strike ballots are being won on too low a voter turn out, so they've proposed a minimum threshold to tackle this. Ballot turnouts are sometimes low because unions have a restrictive set of rules on how the votes can be run. For example, they...
22 September 2015
SERTUC thinks workers at NEXT retail are worth decent pay and that NEXT can afford it
22 September 2015
Trade union campaign wins breakthrough concession from Pizza Express in the ‘Fair Tips’ campaign
22 September 2015
Workers from across the Midlands will join the public in a rally against the Government’s Trade Union bill at Carrs Lane Church in Birmingham at 7.00pm tonight.
22 September 2015
This programme of work has been designed to ensure that trades union councils can identify the role they can play in TUC campaigns and help implement the resolutions passed at the 2015 trades union councils conference.
18 September 2015