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Trades Union Councils and County Associations are an important part
Despite health and safety being a prime activity for unions,
The TUC has produced a new resource for use by

Strong unions matter, which is why the TUC assists unions, through the Organising Academy, to build membership, improve workplaces and speak with authority on behalf of working people and their families.

Strong unions are created by investing in organising; thinking about our resources, how we represent members and develop reps and stewards.

For more information on what we're up to day to day, you can read our blog, Stronger Unions or you can contact the team on [email protected]

Stronger Unions Blog
Stronger Unions is a news and comment blog about the UK trade union movement, managed by the TUC. We aim to be a central resource on the web for people wanting to find out about what unions are doing, and a community for people to contribute their own thoughts on developments for our movement.

It is not uncommon for trade unions to get a bad press. Some within government and the media are keen to paint us as constantly being at odds with employers and the public. The truth of the matter, however, is that we work very closely with companies, businesses and public...
08 February 2016
We have an exciting week ahead as we kick start heartunions week , 8-14 February, a week of action celebrating the great work done by union reps and members in our workplaces and in society. Here are 5 ways to show you ♥UNIONS 1. Sign the petition : Tell David...
07 February 2016
Members of the Yorkshire and the Humber Women's Forum show how much they love their Unions in support of Heart Unions week
04 February 2016
Heart Unions Week, 8-14 February 2016, Yorkshire & Humber Action. Join the campaign, with events across the region celebrating unions and their workplace reps, who help working people every day.........
03 February 2016
NEWS FROM WALES TUC Date: Tuesday 26 th January 2016 ‘Stand up for devolution today’ - Wales TUC tells Assembly Members The Wales TUC is calling on Assembly Members to use a vote today to stand up for devolution against a UK government which is ‘preparing to act unconstitutionally’. Assembly...
26 January 2016
The TUC has today (Tuesday) welcomed calls for the extension of online balloting for UK elections.
26 January 2016
Commenting on today’s (Thursday) publication of the government’s impact assessment on the Trade Union Bill, which reveals that unions will be hit with huge financial costs, TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady said: “Ministers seem determined to tie unions up in as much red tape as possible. “Today’s impact assessment lays...
21 January 2016
Responding to today’s (Thursday) government announcement on new strike thresholds for ‘important public services’, TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady said: “The government is set on introducing tougher measures to make it harder for teachers, doctors and other public servants to defend their jobs and the services we all rely on...
21 January 2016
Commenting after today’s (Wednesday) defeat of the government in the House of Lords on the Trade Union Bill, TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady said: “We are pleased that peers from all parties, and none, have voted today to set up a cross-party committee to scrutinise the unjustifiable proposals on political...
20 January 2016
Lords second reading debate last Monday exposed how dangerous the governments Bill proposals are on workplace democracy and hard fought for civil liberties. We heard concerns raised from right across the House about the threat this Bill poses to good industrial relations and fair treatment at work. Bishop of Rochester...
18 January 2016