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Organising and Networking Using Social Media - a kick-starter for trade union reps and officers This hands-on workshop will show you how to relase the power of social media without spending hours a day doing it. You know that many trade unionists are already using social media to raise their...
26 November 2014
Every day, Britain’s trade unions are working hard for their members. Even now, when times are hard, our negotiators are able to win pay rises to help people cope with the worst effects of the government’s austerity programme. This booklet sets out the scale of what we call the union...
05 September 2014
The TUCJCC wanted something that people inside and outside the union movement would instantly recognise as meaning trades union council. So it asked trades union councils to design one. And the winning entry was from Carla Paillard from Merseyside CATUC.
23 October 2012
If you would like to receive a copy please send an email with your address requesting a DVD to: 60seconds@tuc.org.uk As many of you will be aware, 2010 was another fantastic year for the TUC 60 second ad contest. We had entries from a wide range of people, whose creative...
28 October 2010
Trade union leaders, representing millions of UK employees, will today (Monday) email Alan Johnson MP, Minister for Employment Relations, asking him to end the outdated anti-union ban on online voting for major union ballots.
20 January 2003
The TUC is to provide help and information on workplace issues for non-union members via a major new website www.worksmart.org.uk
29 August 2002
The TUC Congress is to be presented with a report recommending the TUC uses the internet to develop new services for people at work who are not members of existing unions.
07 September 2001
A conference on unions and the internet is to be held on May 12 at Congress House.
21 March 2001