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The TUC's Organising Academy programme for 2014/15 will be available shortly. If you are a union staff member and would like to receive information as it is published please register your details here:

Unionlearn and the Northern TUC work together to provide a programme of short, informative courses and briefings covering a range of topics relevant to workers, workplaces and communities in the region. The 2013 Directory lists many of the briefings available by theme, along with a content description and any other...
03 May 2013
With increasing changes to ownership, restructuring of the public sector and the impact of globalisation on workplaces, this course gives officers, researchers and policy officers the skills and knowledge needed to continue to bargain effectively.
12 July 2011
Community-based strategies can help enhance the capacity of unions to organise hard to reach workforces, and project positive images of trade unions. This course, over two days, is for union officers and organisers who are working on campaigns within local communities or who would like to know how to effectively...
12 July 2011
May Day (Thursday 1 May) sees the launch of Union Island, an innovative new trade union project to build a home for unions and activists in the virtual world Second Life. Union Island will host the first ever virtual May Day, a day of training, networking and celebration to bring...
22 April 2008