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An effective union needs two things: the first is a
Trades Union Councils and County Associations are an important part
Despite health and safety being a prime activity for unions,

Strong unions matter, which is why the TUC assists unions, through the Organising Academy, to build membership, improve workplaces and speak with authority on behalf of working people and their families.

Strong unions are created by investing in organising; thinking about our resources, how we represent members and develop reps and stewards.

For more information on what we're up to day to day, you can read our blog, Stronger Unions or you can contact the team on [email protected]

Stronger Unions Blog
Stronger Unions is a news and comment blog about the UK trade union movement, managed by the TUC. We aim to be a central resource on the web for people wanting to find out about what unions are doing, and a community for people to contribute their own thoughts on developments for our movement.

In the workplace LGBT people may experience oppression and discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. It is critical that trade union reps and negotiators have the tools to bargain for LGBT inclusion in the workplace.
29 April 2016
Commenting on today’s (Wednesday) announcement by the government that it is to hold an independent review within six months that will report to Parliament about whether to allow electronic voting in strike ballots, TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady said:
27 April 2016
This is another victory for common sense. We are pleased the government appears to have backtracked from implementing damaging changes to union political funds
27 April 2016
Responding after today’s (Monday) third reading of the Trade Union Bill in the House of Lords,
25 April 2016
We are nearing the end of the parliamentary process of the controversial Trade Union Bill and thanks to the collective work of trade unions and other partners who took part in the mass lobby of parliament, organised public and workplace meetings, rallies, street stalls and campaigned with us during heart...
25 April 2016
On Wednesday 27 April the Trade Union Bill is likely to get its final vote in the House of Commons, when MPs will decide whether or not to accept a series of amendments made by Peers. These changes offer a chance to remove many of the most damaging parts of...
20 April 2016
The government has today (Tuesday) backed away from plans to ban workers from opting to pay their union subscriptions through payroll in the public sector – the so-called ‘check-off’ system.
19 April 2016
The TUC has today (Friday) launched new guidance to help recruit more union members and encourage more existing union members to become health and safety reps.
18 March 2016
The government was defeated in three votes on the Trade Union Bill in the House of Lords tonight (Wednesday).
16 March 2016
UNIONREPS.org.uk the TUC’s online community for unions reps, has launched a brand new mobile app so you can access the latest discussions straight from your phone or tablet. With over 18,000 members, the UNIONREPS community help and support each other to strengthen their role in the workplace. This UNIONREPS app...
07 March 2016