TUC Leading Change Programme

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Leading Change is a 10-day package of training, discussion and support for senior trade union officers in leadership positions.

Delivered in partnership with the Birkbeck College and the Harvard University Labor & Worklife programme, Leading Change features contributions from senior academics, employers' representatives, leading private and voluntary sector figures, national and international trade union leaders and senior politicians.

The 2014/15 programme begins in July 2014 and will include the following modules;

  • Module 1: Organising unions in a changing world (July 17 & 18 – London)
  • Module 2: Strategic Choice, Campaigning and Coalition Building (October 28 to 31 – Harvard University, Cambridge MA, USA)
  • Module 3: Rethinking Industrial Relations (January 15 & 16 – Warwick University)
  • Module 4: Planning and implementing change (February 26 and 27 – London)

The total cost of the programme this year will be £1,900 per participant, including course costs and meals. This cost does not include accommodation and/or flights.

Affiliated unions are invited to nominate senior representatives to attend this programme, places on which are limited (with a maximum number of 20 participants).  Please note that the course is aimed at and will therefore be of most value to senior national officers and Regional Secretaries or equivalents.

Unions are encouraged to nominate representatives as soon as they are able to and if possible, by the end of April 2014.

Nominations should be made by the union General Secretary, either by email or in writing, with the contact details of the nominee/s.

All enquiries and nominations should be made to Carl Roper, TUC National Organiser and Leading Change Programme Co-ordinator at [email protected].

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