In 2018, we’ll be marking the TUC’s 150th anniversary.

#TUC150: Building our movement for the next 150 years

It’s an opportunity to celebrate our proud history. But even more importantly, it’s a chance for us to reach out to a new generation and get ready for the challenges of the next 150 years.

The actual anniversary falls in June 2018, so that will be the focal point of our celebrations. And the anniversary activities will continue when we bring Congress back to Manchester in September, where the TUC first met in 1868.

But all year we’ll be sharing content and talking about building stronger unions – and that’s where you come in!

TUC150 is about looking forwards, not backwards. Our prime focus is the future of our movement.

We’ll be reaching out to a new generation of working people, and seeking to put trade unions back at the heart of British civil society and public life.

150 stories for 150 years

The main anniversary project will be 150 stories for 150 years. Our anniversary celebrations will be primarily about our people: both those who have built our movement and those who will carry it forward.

So, we’ve found 150 inspiring trade union stories, captured them through film, audio, photographs, written accounts and archive documents.  We will share them widely throughout the year.

Visit 150 stories of trade unionism

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How can you help?

Download this guide for background information and suggestions on actions you can take to support TUC150.

Spread the word

Help us to create a buzz about TUC150.  The anniversary is a chance to celebrate the trade union movement's proud history and reach out to a new generation of workers.  A template launch article and letter to the editor are now available to use.