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TUC LESE Women's Rights Committee

The Women's Rights Committee (WRC) is for women trade union members in London, East and South East England. We meet four times a year with speakers giving talks at our meetings. First time observers are welcome.
Women's Rights are Human Rights. Eliminating all forms of discrimination against women and attaining equality between women and men are fundamental human rights. Some groups of women face additional forms of discrimination based on their age, ethnicity, nationality, religion, health status, marital status, education, disability and socioeconomic status, among other grounds, which must be taken account of when combating discrimination.
We support campaigns and organise other events for women, with a special focus on women who are overlooked or hidden from history such as Sylvia Pankhurst (see below). We campaign for equality in the workplace and beyond. Achieving equality requires comprehensive understanding of the ways in which women experience discrimination and are denied equality so we campaign as trade union women to eliminate discrimination in the workplace and beyond.
Honouring Sylvia Pankhurst
Sylvia's pioneering contributions to gender and class politics, her fight against imperialism, racism and fascism as well as her efforts as a peacemaker deserve recognition. A prominent memorial would go a long way towards increasing awareness of the unsung impact she had on the world we live in today. She deserves her place in history that has been denied for too long.
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LESE Women's Rights Committee (WRC) are proud to work annually with Go London Tours, providing :a walking tour for members and WRC supporters 
Joint Chair: Susan Aitouaziz (NEU) and Peggy-Ann Fraser (Prospect/BECTU)
Vice Chair: Catherine Jones (GMB) and Laura Roberts (UNITE)
Secretary: Maria Jennings (GMB) and Serena Powis (UNISON)  

TUC LESE Meeting Code of Conduct

The TUC is committed to organising activities at which everyone can participate in an inclusive, respectful and safe environment. The TUC has zero tolerance for any type of harassment, including sexual harassment. Aggressive, offensive, intimidatory, disrespectful or unacceptable behaviour or comments will not be tolerated. This supports the commitment set out in the TUC’s rules to promote equality for all and to eliminate all forms of harassment, including sexual harassment, prejudice and unfair discrimination. This policy applies to all aspects of communication at or in connection with an event, including postings on social media.  

If you have any concerns about behaviour that you want to raise then please contact us by email

Meeting Calendar 

February 2024 Love Unions  Launch of our new flyer online 

March 9th, 2024, International Women's Day… Fringe Meeting at TUC Women's Conference in person at Congress House 

May - AGM


020 7467 1218
020 7467 1220
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