A reason to join the Disabled Members Network is because it is a network primarily set up to exchange information on workers with disabilities, to share best practices within their respective industries. The far and wide ranging industries include Public Services, Transport for London (TfL), Prison Service, Health Workers and the Postal Service. All are welcome and no subject is off limits (within reason) and everyone has the ability to contribute.

Members are encouraged to bring in topical subjects that can assist the majority and minority alike. It is a friendly group, and welcomes new delegates.

Please join and make a difference.

Chair: M Bastiani (CWU)    

Vice Chair: T Shah (UNITE) 

Secretary: C Miles (PCS)

Meeting Calendar

Sunday 14 July 2019, LESE Disabled Members Network support: Disability Pride Brighton

Tuesday 10 September 2019, Disabled Members Network

Tuesday 10 December 2019, Disabled Members Network 

Tuesday 10 March 2020, Disabled Members Network 



020 7467 1218
020 7467 1220