TUC Departments

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Campaigns and Communications Department (CCD)

Is responsible for campaigning and lobbying; press relations and initiatives; parliamentary/political relations; publications design and production; exhibitions and events; advertising and opinion research.

Economic and Social Affairs Department (ESAD)

Is responsible for economic and industrial policy; labour market trends; pensions, partnership at work; public sector policy; energy policy; collective bargaining; human resource management; earnings; transport; and health and social security.

Equality and Strategy Department (ESD) 

Is responsible for equality policy and campaigning, and on overall planning and strategy for the whole of the TUC, including ensuring that equality underpins central planning and strategy. It contains the General Secretary and Assistant General Secretaries’ operations, overseeing the whole organisation and managing union and external relations at a high level.

European Union and International Relations (EUIRD) 

Deals with the European Union and international policy.

Management Services and Administration Department (MSAD) 

Is responsible for finance; personnel; technology; in-house printing and despatch; information services; catering and Congress Centre management.

Organisation and Services Department (OSD) 

Deals with rights at work; industrial relations; health and safety; education and training; TUC Education Service, regional machinery and the New Unionism project.

Secretary’s Department

Includes the offices of the General Secretary, Deputy General Secretary and Assistant General Secretary. Responsible for the General Council, Executive Committee, union relations, official communications with unions.


Unionlearn is responsible for union learning and skills development in England. This includes administering the Union Learning Fund, as well as TUC Education, which covers the whole United Kingdom. It is partly supported through a Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) grant. 

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