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Standing for migrant workers everywhere

The TUC stands for workers from all countries. Migrant workers in our trade unions have helped improve conditions for all workers throughout our history. Migrant workers play a vital role in our economy, society and communities, help to keep our public services running and work in key roles in industry.

The TUC believes in a rights-based approach towards asylum and immigration policy which enforces the terms of the 1951 UN Refugee Convention and the 1967 protocol - to which the UK government is a signatory - as well as International Labour Organisation (ILO) standards on workers’ rights.

The TUC opposes to the government’s attempts to sew divisions amongst workers and communities by suggesting migrants and asylum seekers are the cause of social problems and pressures on public services. These divisions intentionally divert attention from the real cause of these problems - over ten years of austerity that have left public services straining and bad employers and lack of employment rights which mean too many workers are in low pay, precarious jobs.

Weakening migrants’ workers rights leads to all workers’ conditions being reduced as it makes it easier for employers to use migrants to undercut other workers.

Only by all workers coming together in unions and collectively demanding decent treatment can we win good conditions and pay for all workers.

The TUC is calling for all workers, regardless of immigration status, to be able to claim rights at work and have free access to healthcare.

The TUC is working with trade unions to organise and empower migrant workers in unions so they are able to influence unions’ bargaining agendas to prevent exploitation of all workers.

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