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About Southern and Eastern TUC

SERTUC, the Southern & Eastern Region of the TUC, is the largest of the TUC's six English regions and covers three of the former government regions: London, the South East, and East of England. Over two million trades unionists live and work within the region.

The Regional Council is appointed annually by affiliates and county associations of trades councils and meets four times a year to discuss both how to achieve policy determined at the national Trades Union Congress and to make specific policies on regional issues. At its Annual General Meeting, it elects officers and an Executive Committee that meets monthly.

Affiliated trade unions and county associations also nominate to SERTUC's industrial and equality subgroups who use their industrial and life experience to inform the activities of the Regional Council.

The SERTUC office administers the Regional Council, delivers services to affiliates, represents the TUC in relations with public bodies, and campaigns for Congress policies.

Martin Martin Gould - SERTUC President (Retirement)

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Martin Gould retired as SERTUC President at the 2015 AGM after 22 years of service as leader of the Region.

Martin began his working life as a Co-op butcher’s delivery boy and after successful industrial action to further his demand for a new bike, was appointed Industrial Organiser by the Young Communist League.

He became a Heating & Ventilating pip-fitter’s mate at 17, winning an “improvership” to Pipe Fitter and joining the National Union of Sheet Metal Workers, Coppersmiths, Heating & Domestic Engineers. He is a much merged man – the NUSMWCH&DE merged to become the craft sector of TASS, then with ASTMS to become MSF, then with the AEU to become Amicus, and finally with the T&G to become Unite.

Martin served as an elected full time officer for 26 years and in 2015 achieved 50 years of trade union membership.

Many deserved words of praise were spoken at Martin’s retirement party, but for many delegates he will be most remembered (apart from his inclusive but firm chairing) for his “opening remarks” to Regional Councils. We have collated all those accessible (from 2003 to 2014) and they provide an informative and unique guide to progressive politics and the changing political landscape over half of his Presidency.

Martin left the platform at our 2015 Annual General Meeting to a standing ovation. He is a hard act to follow but left us with his belief that SERTUC is in safe hands and will continue to maintain its position as the “TUC’s Broad Left”.

Swimming against the tide

Swimming against the tide (PDF), SERTUC's ninth survey of equality in trade unions, is now available.

Truth, lies and migrants: a guide to population and migration

SERTUC Myths 2014 (PDF), is now available.​

SERTUC Annual Report

SERTUC Annual Report 2015 (PDF), SERTUC's annual report, is now available.

SERTUC has attended the picket line and rallies many times, and spoken at the rallies many times, alongside Mark Serwotka, Chris Baugh, John McDonnell, Jeremy Corbyn, Owen Jones and Ken Loach.
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