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The TUC believes in full employment and work for all those who want it, but those who cannot work should get decent benefits that lift them out of poverty. Here is research and policy on welfare and work issues. You can find older material by using the search facilities.

Saving our Safety Net campaignSaving Our Safety Net is a campaign we will run through the coming months, highlighting the government’s welfare reforms that take away the safety net workers have been paying for through taxes and National Insurance Contributions. We’ll also be highlighting the cuts that take away benefits and tax credits that help workers and their families survive the misery of low pay.  

Universal Credit: Solving the problem of delay in benefit payments

Saving Our Safety Net is based on research into what workers believe about the benefit system and the ways they think it should change. This research has found that, although there is widespread concern that it can be too easy to abuse the social security system, workers still support the principle of paying in from their wages to make sure there is a safety net if they fall on hard times through no fault of their own. Download Universal Credit: Solving the problem of delay in benefit payments [PDF]

The Federation of Somali Trade Unions (FESTU) is organising informal sector workers in Somalia through a project funded by TUC Aid. A survey on pay and working conditions has been carried out in Mogadishu and Puntland as part of the initiative, followed by a workshop aimed at developing an action...
24 March 2015
Commenting on the report Benefit Sanctions Policy Beyond the Oakley Review published today (Tuesday) by the Work and Pensions Committee, which calls for an urgent review of the sanctions regime and an independent commission to look at the deaths of sanctioned claimants, TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady said: “Targets are...
24 March 2015
The mythical “march of the makers”: In his 2011 Budget speech, George Osborne said he wanted “a Britain carried aloft by the march of the makers.” However, a new TUC analysis shows that manufacturing’s proportion of GDP has flatlined at 10.1% of GDP for the past six years. Our foundation...
18 March 2015
A report published today (Thursday) by the TUC and Women’s Aid reveals the hidden misery of women trapped in financially abusive relationships, in many cases leaving them trapped in poverty and without any access to money for essentials, emergencies or for their children.
12 March 2015
7 March 2015 Commenting on the Time to Act on Climate Change march taking place today (Saturday) in London, TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady said: “2015 is a crunch year for the UN’s climate change negotiations and every government must play its part to make the new climate treaty a...
07 March 2015
Commenting on the report Time to Rethink Sanctions published today (Monday) by major UK churches and revealing that almost 100,000 children have been affected by benefit sanctions, TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady said: “Something has gone badly wrong when 100,000 children are innocent victims of benefit sanctions. Under this government...
02 March 2015
Only one week to go - register now! This conference aims to bring together trade unionists, TUC unemployed workers centre staff and users and welfare campaign activists- to challenge the consensus narrative on Welfare and develop the agenda for a fight-back.
20 February 2015
The government is saddling businesses with higher than necessary energy bills through its failing energy efficiency strategy for the commercial sector, a new TUC report argues today (Friday). Efforts by government to boost commercial energy efficiency are not working, and end up costing UK businesses millions of pounds every year,...
13 February 2015
Unions in the South West have launched a workplace campaign to "sign up" the half a million people in the region who have not registered to vote in May's General Election. Tomorrow (Thursday) is National Voter Registration Day and the South West TUC is encouraging workplace reps to ensure their...
04 February 2015
The TUC has a number of materials that will help raise awareness of voter registration in workplaces. We have find posters and leaflets that you can download and print for use on noticeboards and streets stalls.
30 January 2015