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The TUC believes in full employment and work for all those who want it, but those who cannot work should get decent benefits that lift them out of poverty. Here is research and policy on welfare and work issues. You can find older material by using the search facilities.

Saving our Safety Net campaignSaving Our Safety Net is a campaign we will run through the coming months, highlighting the government’s welfare reforms that take away the safety net workers have been paying for through taxes and National Insurance Contributions. We’ll also be highlighting the cuts that take away benefits and tax credits that help workers and their families survive the misery of low pay.  

Universal Credit: Solving the problem of delay in benefit payments

Saving Our Safety Net is based on research into what workers believe about the benefit system and the ways they think it should change. This research has found that, although there is widespread concern that it can be too easy to abuse the social security system, workers still support the principle of paying in from their wages to make sure there is a safety net if they fall on hard times through no fault of their own. Download Universal Credit: Solving the problem of delay in benefit payments [PDF]

New analysis published last week by the TUC reveals that the Chancellor’s tax credit cuts will hit the North East harder than London and the South. The TUC analysis shows that more than nine in ten (92%) working tax credit households in the region will be worse off as a...
23 November 2015
While the UK urgently needs to move towards a lower carbon economic model, in the past such periods of restructuring have too often left ordinary workers to bear the costs. This event set out the need for new industrial opportunities and skilled jobs to support a fairer shift, exploring the...
16 November 2015
Making the case for reforms to increase statutory redundancy pay and the amount that workers can receive tax-free.
06 November 2015
Commenting on the latest GDP figures published today (Tuesday) by the Office for National Statistics, which show the rate of GDP growth slowing to 0.5 per cent, and manufacturing declining by 0.3 per cent, TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady said: “We need better balanced growth that delivers secure opportunities for...
27 October 2015
Commenting on the debate and vote expected this evening (Monday) in the House of Lords on the government’s plans to cut tax credits, TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady said: “The government should come clean about the devastating impact these cuts will have on the incomes of millions of working families.
26 October 2015
New research commissioned by the TUC, and published today (Wednesday), shows that the Prime Minister is wrong to claim that low-paid workers will be compensated for tax credit cuts by changes to the minimum wage and tax allowances. The analysis, which uses the IPPR tax-benefit model, focuses on changes announced...
21 October 2015
Congress 2015 agreed to support the national Peoples' March for Climate, Justice and Jobs on Sunday 29 November in London. The demonstration marks the opening of the UN’s climate change treaty negotiations in Paris. Events are being organised in towns and cities across the UK that weekend. The national demonstration...
20 October 2015
The government must stop cutting renewable energy funding and get behind the UK’s transition to a low-carbon economy, a new report has said today (Monday).
18 October 2015
New statistics from the Office of National Statistics published today (Tuesday) show that house prices have increased by 5.2 per cent in the year to August, while wages rose by 2.9 per cent.
13 October 2015
The Government is set to carry out £12bn worth of benefits cuts which it will detail at its next budget. Tax credits is predicted to be one of the areas where the axe will fall heaviest. Around 3.3 million households were classed as workless between April and June this year,...
12 October 2015