Poverty / Social Exclusion

The Secretary Work and Pensions is right when he says poverty isn't just about income, there are other related characteristics that contribute to an impoverished quality of life. Refreshing the debate about poverty is timely and welcome, given that current government policy is driving the incomes of families in the...
18 June 2012
The news that the government has chosen to impose a ministerial boycott on any England football matches in the Ukraine deserves some credit. The so-called ‘selective justice' applied to opposition leader Yulia Tymoshenko is certainly worthy of international condemnation and other states should follow suit. Read more...
11 June 2012
In its recent budget, the government raised the minimum wage for over 21 year olds in line with inflation, but froze the minimum wage for under 21 year olds. Read more...
16 May 2012
Touchstone pamphlet #12 In this skilfully researched and detailed report, Kate Bell and Declan Gaffney address one of the key strategic policy issues of our time: how to regain public support for a redistributive welfare state.
04 May 2012
A briefing to explain why the TUC opposes the 'benefit cap'.
01 February 2012
Watch the video recording of a yesterday's online seminar with Andrew Dilnot, chair of the Dilnot Commission into social care and Alison Roche, Prof Peter Beresford and Barbara Keeley MP.
29 November 2011
A background report published for the 2012 TUC Poverty Conference
25 October 2011
Myth: Child poverty doesn't exist in the UK...
28 July 2011
One of the commonest mistakes people make about the welfare state is to believe that taxes and benefits have failed because we still have poverty. This section sets out the facts showing that this belief is mistaken – without taxes and benefits this would be a far more unequal country,...
28 July 2011
According to the campaign to End Child Poverty, four million children – one in three – live in poverty.
28 July 2011