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Trade unions stand up for the rights of all workers, no matter where they come from, and have a long history of fighting against discrimination. These principles of equality and workers’ rights however have come under attack in the media and by politicians in recent times. Migrants are scapegoated for problems such as lack of decent jobs, low wages and services. This language, combined with the increasingly insecure conditions at work and cuts to services and benefits caused by austerity, has fuelled public concern about migration.

This interactive guide will take you through the key issues around migration and how you as a union rep can help support your colleagues. By completing this eNote you will:

  • Identify common misconceptions regarding migration
  • See the benefits that migrants bring to the workforce and the country as a whole
  • See why it is important to tackle employers who exploit migrant and vulnerable workers
  • Identify how employers exploit migrant and vulnerable workers
  • Identify the need for solidarity between migrant and local workers and the role unions play in promoting fair working conditions for all

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