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Research and reports
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18 Nov 2008

Yorkshire and the Humber TUC Regional Council

Trades Unions and Trades Councils, (who represent trade union interest in local communities), are represented on the Yorkshire and the Humber Regional Council and its Executive Committee. Delegates from these bodies are nominated to the Annual Meeting of the Regional Council, which is held every year and which formulates the policy for the coming year. Delegates can also be nominated for seats on the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee meets regularly throughout the year.

The main aims of Yorkshire and the Humber TUC are:

  • to make representations to bodies at various levels throughout the Yorkshire and the Humber region, including government departments, local authorities and other bodies who work on economic, political, industrial, social or environmental questions
  • to appoint or nominate representatives to bodies appropriate to the work of the Regional TUC;
  • to service such representatives and to receive and consider reports from them regarding the activities of the bodies of which they are members;
  • to promote publicly the policies of the Trades Union Congress within Yorkshire and the Humber;
  • to keep the TUC informed of developments in Yorkshire and the Humber;
  • to give effect to policies adopted by the Trades Union Congress and to keep trades unionists in Yorkshire and the Humber informed of these policies;
  • to promote the exchange of information between unions in Yorkshire and the Humber;
  • to assist unions in the recruitment of members in Yorkshire and the Humber;
  • to encourage the development of Trades Union Councils and to encourage unions to take part in the work of these Trades Union Councils in Yorkshire and the Humber;
  • to campaign on issues which affect trade union members.

To see a copy of Yorkshire and the Humber TUC's Campaign Plan for 2016-17 follow this link

Yorkshire and the Humber Regional Council also has Policy Fora to develop the local policy in the following specific areas:

  • Black Members
  • Women's Participation and Development
  • Health and Safety
  • Youth
  • Retired Members
  • Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender
  • Disabilities

Membership of these fora is open to any member of a trade union within the region and formal nomination is not required.

There is also a Yorkshire Public Services Network, membership of which is by nomination from regional Trades Union Secretaries. This is a campaigning body which liaises with the fora.