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TUC Strategic Framework Partnership Arrangement with DFID: brief update

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TUC Strategic Framework Partnership Arrangement with DFID: brief update

Three more trade unions have successfully submitted proposals to win funding, advice and training from the TUC's International Development Learning Fund (IDLF). The ATL, TSSA and the GMB's London and South East Region are now beginning projects that will end in the development of credible proposals to either DFID's Development Awareness Fund (DAF) or its Civil Society Challenge Fund (CSCF).

The ATL: Creating a sustainable International Development Function

The purpose of the ATL's project is to establish a culture and initial structures for its members to be involved in international development work. Key objectives within this will be gaining an insight into member's current interests and activities; establishing an e-bulletin; raising general levels of awareness; piloting activities at branch level; undertaking activities during annual conference and identifying a sister union to build a relationship with. The ATL aim to submit a proposal to the DAF in October 2009.

The GMB: Organising and Education in Guyana

The purpose of GMB's project is to build solid relationships with the Guyana Agricultural Workers Union and National Association of Agricultural (GAWU), Commercial and Industrial Employees (NAACIE), who both represent workers in the Sugar Industry. The aim of the project is to undertake activities that will assist in developing a credible CSCF proposal to be submitted in June 2009. The activities include commissioning background research to inform a joint needs analysis visit and workshop in Guyana, a return visit from the Guyana trade unionists to finalise the proposal and awareness raising materials and workshops within the region. The GMB is the first union to have one of its Regional Offices submitting a proposal to the IDLF.

TSSA: Twinning with the Zimbabwe Amalgamated Rail Union (ZARU)

The purpose of the project is to establish a sustainable, long-term relationship with ZARU in order to support the union in the challenges it faces in servicing its members and contributing towards the rebuilding of the economic and social fabric of Zimbabwe. The aim is to submit a credible proposal to the CSCF in June 2009. A commissioning a background needs analysis study will be commissioned and the unions will develop trusted methods of communications to assist in exchanges of information and relationship building.

All three unions will take part in the TUC's International Development Project Training course that will take place from January to March and other relevant TUC events.

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