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The General Council of the Trades Union Congress is the body which governs the TUC between its annual Congresses (read more about the role of the General Council).

* Those members who are also members of the Executive Committee are marked with an asterisk.

Sheila Bearcroft MBE – GMB

Sheila Bearcroft MBESheila Bearcroft has been an active union member for over forty years, firstly with the National Union of Tailors and Garment Workers Union (NUTGWU) and then, in 1991, with the GMB when it merged with the NUTGWU. In 1989, Sheila was elected to the executive board of the NUTGW, a role that involved representing workers across the UK's garment trade and she was a key player in the amalgamation of GMB and the NUTGW.

In 1993, Sheila was appointed as a GMB Branch Secretary of the Clothing and Textiles Section – her first full time union role. Two years later, she was appointed as Section President of the Clothing and Textiles Section. In 2008, Sheila was elected as President of the National TUC and, in 2009, Sheila became Vice President of the National TUC.

That year, she was awarded the MBE for her services to trade unionism. Shelia has been an active member of the Wales TUC for many years, as a General Council Member, Executive Member and various other Committees. She has always campaigned for women's rights and equality for all and has campaigned to eradicate child labour, as a devoted grandmother, the battle to eradicate child labour is very close to Sheila's heart.

Her service to the GMB Wales and South West Region as a Branch Secretary and Regional President has been unbroken since 1993. Sheila is a widower, with three children and Grandchildren.

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Mary Bousted – National Education Union

Dr Mary Bousted

Dr Mary Bousted is joint general secretary of NEU. Mary represents the interests of her members to the government, and to a wide variety of other stakeholders. As the education union, NEU leads the debate on key educational issues with strong policy positions on, for example, assessment and curriculum changes; school accountability and school structures.

Mary contributes regular articles for newspapers and education journals, and appears frequently on national media. She sits on the executive committee of the Trades Union Congress (TUC) and was a member of the ACAS board. Mary is also an accomplished public speaker and has debated at the Oxford Union.

Mary previously worked in higher education at York University, Edge Hill University and at Kingston University where she was Head of the School of Education. Prior to this Mary was a Head of English, and English teacher in comprehensive schools in North London.

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Tony Burke – Unite

Tony Burke

Tony Burke is an Assistant General Secretary at Unite responsible for manufacturing. A trade unionist for over 45 years, Tony was previously the Deputy General Secretary of the print union GPMU.

He is a member of the General Council and Executive Committee of the TUC, a member of the Labour Party NPF and represents the TUC on the board. Of the sector skills council Cogent and represents Unite within international union federations.

He is chair of the Campaign for Trade Union Freedom and a member of the Board of the Peoples Press Printing Society and is the Trade Union co-ordinator for the Morning Star newspaper.

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Gail Cartmail – Unite

Gail CartmailGail Cartmail is Unite the Union Assistant General Secretary: Finance, Construction, Energy, Public Services and Community, Youth and Not for Profit; her roles within Unite have included Head of Health, National Officer Equality and Diversity and Regional Officer.

Gail represents Unite on the TUC General Council and Executive Committee and is a member of the TUC's Union Learn Board, TUC spokeswoman for International Development and member of the Labour Party's National Policy Forum.

Previous employment included Principal Officer, local government, specialising in economic development. Prior to this Gail worked in the Graphics sector.

Equality, justice and fairness are values that Gail strives to embed in all her areas of work and engagement.

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Mick Cash – RMT

Mick Cash - RMTMick Cash joined the Union in 1978 when he started on the railway as an 18 year old track worker. He subsequently served on the RMT national executive and was elected as Senior Assistant General Secretary in 2002. He was the RMT Acting General Secretary following Bob Crow’s tragic and sudden death in March 2014 and was overwhelmingly elected RMT General Secretary in September 2014.

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Mike Clancy – Prospect

Mike Clancy

Mike Clancy is the General Secretary of PROSPECT union representing 140,000 professionals. In 2017 he was re-elected to serve a further five-year term.

Mike combines 30 years as a trade union officer with longstanding membership of the Employment Tribunal and the Employment Appeal Tribunal. Mike was appointed to the ACAS Council in 2016 and the Nuclear Industry Council in 2017

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Ruth Cross - Usdaw

Ruth is Equality Officer at Usdaw and represents Usdaw on the TUC Women’s Committee.

Ruth advises reps, members and officials on equality issues and ensures Usdaw’s bargaining and campaigning agendas reflect the concerns of all its members. Ruth has developed a number of Usdaw campaigns including mental health, work life balance, violence against women and No Room for Racism.

Ruth is developing Usdaw’s work on young parents and carers, linking in with the TUC’s Reaching Out to Young Workers project.

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Kevin Courtney - National Education Union

Kevin Courtney

Kevin Courtney was elected as General Secretary of the National Union of Teachers on 15 July 2016. Prior to that, Kevin was elected as Deputy General Secretary on 28 January 2010. On 1st September 2017 the NUT amalgamated with the ATL to become the NEU – the National Education Union. Kevin is now Joint General Secretary of the NEU along with Dr Mary Bousted.

Kevin was born and educated in Pontypridd, Wales where he attended Trefforest Primary and Coedy-Lan Comprehensive. He went on to study physics at Imperial College, London and began his teaching career in the physics department at Camden school for Girls in 1983, where he taught until becoming the NUT branch secretary in 1990.

Kevin has led significant campaigns in Camden and London over maternity pay, overseas teachers, recruitment and retention payments, London and Fringe allowances, LGBT history month and anti-racism. He was elected in 2005 to the executive committee of SERTUC (Southern and Eastern Regional TUC) becoming one of its vice presidents at the same time.

Kevin has been the trades union liaison officer for the Anti Academies Alliance, a campaigning organisation which brings the classroom teacher and support staff unions together with parents in campaigning for a good local school for all children.

He was the founding secretary of School Teachers Opposed to Performance Pay, which organised a significant demonstration against the introduction of PRP in 1999.

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Manuel Cortes – Transport Salaried Staffs' Association

Manuel CortesManuel Cortes has been General Secretary of TSSA since 2011. Prior to this, he held a number of paid positions within his union, having previously worked, among others, for Amnesty International as a campaigner. As a socialist, he has been actively involved in the labour and trade union movement from a very early age. The fight for another world, a better world has never been more important as ordinary people are forced to foot the bill for bankers' greed.

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Nick Cusack - Professional Footballers’ Association

Nick CusackNick Cusack is Assistant Chief Executive of the PFA. He joined his union as a full time official in 2002 after 15 years as a professional footballer with clubs such as Fulham and Swansea City. Nick has a key role in being the PFA lead in dealings with the Premier League. Nick holds a Degree in Politics as well as a Degree in Law and has recently completed the Postgraduate Diploma in Legal Practice (LPC) gaining a Distinction.   

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Tony Dale – Union of Shop, Distributive and Allied Workers

Tony DaleTony Dale is Deputy Head of Research at Usdaw and was elected onto the General Council at the 2012 Congress. Tony is heavily involved in the TUC's work to close the loopholes that deny agency workers equal treatment. Tony is a member of the unionlearn board.

In the last year, Tony has also been involved in Usdaw's and the TUC's work around tackling poor pay and conditions in the Bangladesh garment industry through promoting the trade union Bangladesh Accord.

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Neil Derrick - GMB

Neil DerrickNeil Derrick has been an active trade unionist all his working life, joining the GMWU as a teenager in the North East.   He joined Yorkshire & North Derbyshire region as legal officer in 1994 and was elected as an organiser soon afterwards.  

In 2000 Neil was appointed senior organiser. Prior to his appointment as Regional Secretary Neil led the Public Services Section and built a reputation as a tough negotiator and committed campaigner. 

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Mark Dickinson – Nautilus International

Mark DickinsonBefore joining Nautilus (then known as NUMAST) in 2000, Mark Dickinson served at sea as a navigating officer and went on to work for the International Transport Workers' Federation latterly as Assistant General Secretary with responsibility for maritime activities.

Mark was elected General Secretary of Nautilus International in May 2009 upon the merger of Nautilus UK and Nautilus NL – creating a new transboundary trade union representing maritime professionals in the British and Dutch maritime industries. In 2011, Swiss maritime professionals joined Nautilus.

Mark was re-elected Nautilus GS in April 2017. He has served on the General Council since 2009. 

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Maria Exall – Communication Workers' Union

Maria ExallMaria Exall is the Chair of the TUC LGBT Committee and is elected to represent Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgendered trade unionists on the General Council. She is the Branch Secretary of CWU Greater London Combined.

Maria is also a Vice President of the Campaign for Trade Union Freedom and currently Chair of the Cutting Edge Consortium. She is a member of the Labour Representation Committee.

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Sue Ferns – Prospect

Sue Ferns

Sue Ferns is Senior Deputy General Secretary of Prospect.

Sue's responsibilities in Prospect include leading the union's work on Brexit; the changing world of work; energy policy; and on science, engineering and sustainability.

Sue has been a member of the TUC General Council since 2005, Deputy Chair of the Women’s Committee and a TUC Aid trustee. She has been an active member of the Trade Union Sustainable Development Advisory Committee since its inception, and is the General Council's lead on environment and sustainability.

She is also Chair of Unions 21.

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Larry Flanagan – Educational Institute of Scotland

Larry FlanaganLarry Flanagan took up the post of General Secretary of the EIS, Scotland's main education union, in April 2012, following 33 years as a classroom teacher. Prior to appointment he was Principal Teacher of English at Hillhead High School, Glasgow.

Larry has had a career long association with the EIS: as an activist, school representative, local office bearer, Council and Executive Committee member and Convener of the EIS Education Committee.

He is a graduate of the University of Stirling.

Larry is also a member of the General Council of the STUC.

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Steve Gillan – POA

Steve GillanSteve Gillan was elected as General Secretary to the POA in May 2010. Previously, he held National positions such as Assistant General Secretary 2000- 2001, National Vice Chairman 2002-2006 and National Finance Officer 2006- 2010. A POA member for 24 years, holding local office as a trade union official whilst at Chelmsford, Bullwood Hall and Pentonville respectively.

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Charlie Gray – GMB

Charlie GrayCharlie Gray represents Young Workers on the General Council.  
Charlie joined the GMB whilst working as a Lunchtime Assistant at a local Secondary School and as an Exam Invigilator. 
Since joining the GMB Charlie has been elected as Chair of GMB Northern Young Members Network and on to the GMB Young Members National Network Committee. Charlie is currently a Young Member's observer to the GMB's Central Executive Council.

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Philipa Harvey – National Union of Teachers

Philipa Harvey

Philipa Harvey joined the National Union of Teachers as a student more than 30 years ago. She is currently a National Officer of the NUT after being elected straight from the classroom.

Philipa continues to teach in a South London Primary school.

Philipa is a strong advocate for international solidarity work.

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Chris Keates – NASUWT

Chris KeatesChris Keates graduated in Archaeology and History from Leicester University, gained her PGCE at Birmingham University and taught in Birmingham from 1974 until 1998.

Chris was an NASUWT lay officer, prior to joining the Union’s staff in 1998. Appointed as Deputy General Secretary in 2001, in 2004 she became General Secretary, and has been re-elected three times unopposed.

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Ian Lawrence - Napo

Ian Lawrence

Elected as General Secretary in the summer of 2013. Ian’s appointment was the first for many years of a senior trade union leader from the BAME community. He secured another term of office having been re-elected in June 2018.

Ian first joined Napo as Assistant General Secretary in 2008 from the Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS). This followed service with its predecessor unions PTC and IRSF as an elected local and national representative and then full time official. His PCS career included a spell as Group Secretary to the 80,000 strong Revenue and Customs section of the union, and three years working in the Criminal Justice Sector. He spent two years working in the PCS Commercial Sector, negotiating with a wide range of private sector companies on behalf of members transferred there from the Civil Service on TUPE terms.

Ian’s current role includes being Chief Negotiator for Napo members working within the National Probation Service, the 21 Community Rehabilitation Companies, Cafcass and the Probation Board of Northern Ireland. He is also a member of the Executive Committee of the General Federation of Trade Unions.

Ian was elected unopposed to the TUC General Council in September 2018. He has represented Napo members by way of regular media appearances, speeches to various seminars covering a range of Criminal Justice issues and as a visiting presenter on Industrial Relations issues to CIPD students at the University of Westminster.

Ian lives in Biggin Hill, Kent.

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Paddy Lillis - Usdaw

Paddy Lillis is the General Secretary of Usdaw.  He was elected General Secretary of the 435,000 strong Union in November 2017, taking up office on 2 July 2018.

Paddy served as Deputy General Secretary of Usdaw for 14 years.  He co-ordinated the Union’s work on the very successful Organising Academy.  In the last 14 years, the Union’s recruitment and organising strategy has helped Usdaw to grow by more than 100,000 members.  Paddy is also a member of the Labour Party NEC.

Paddy has been an Usdaw member for over 35 years.  He was appointed to the role of Usdaw Area Organiser in 1989.  He worked as an Area Organiser at the Union's Bristol office for 8 years before becoming the Divisional Officer for South Wales and Western Division in 1997.  He was elected as Deputy General Secretary in 2004.

Brian Linn - Aegis

Brian Linn

Brian Linn has been a full time Trade Union Officer since 2005 and General Secretary of Aegis the Union since 2010. During that time he has been at the forefront of Aegis's evolution.

Working with the Deputy General Secretary, he designed and delivered a five year strategy to support Aegis' transition from a single employer staff association to an independent, TUC and STUC affiliated union which now represents members in a number of large financial institutions.

Aegis was further strengthened when two other unions Surge and Yisa merging with Aegis in 2014 and 2015.

Brian is chair of EWC's, on the GFTU executive, on the Union Learn board, SUL board and LGBT+ committee.

Roy Rickhuss – Community

Roy Rickhuss

Roy Rickhuss is General Secretary of Community. He became General Secretary Elect on 20 September 2013. In 2018, Roy was elected unopposed as General Secretary of Community for a second time. 

Born and brought up in Wolverhampton, Roy first joined the ISTC, one of Community's founding unions, when he started working in a steel tube rolling mill in Wolverhampton in 1979.

Roy joined the ISTC, a founder union of Community, when he started work at Monmore Tubes in Wolverhampton in 1979. In 2004, the National Executive Council appointed Roy as Assistant General Secretary of the ISTC. Roy represents Community on the Labour Party's National Constitutional Committee and sits on the Finance and General Purposes Committee of the General Federation of Trade Unions. He is a member of the Textiles, Leather and Footwear social dialogue committees, Semta (the UK sector skills council for manufacturing) Metals Sector Strategy Group and UK Steel Council.

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Patrick Roach - NASUWT

Dr Patrick Roach

Dr Patrick Roach is Deputy General Secretary at NASUWT - The Teachers’ Union. He was formerly a teacher and lecturer in sociology, politics and equalities in further and higher education. 

Patrick is an elected member of the World Executive Board of Education International.

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Tim Roache​ – GMB

Tim Roache

Tim Roache was elected General Secretary of GMB in November 2015.

He started as a post room lad in London in 1979 and for over three decades, Tim worked his way through the ranks within GMB. He became a GMB Organiser in 1989 and a Senior Organiser in 1999. In 2007 he was appointed Regional Secretary of GMB Yorkshire & North Derbyshire Region where, through GMB@WORK, membership grew every year and in total by 20%.

Under his leadership, Tim is ensuring the union continues to be relevant to the modern world of work by challenging the growth of insecure employment and fighting for greater rights for all workers. His mission is to create a union fit for the challenges of the 21st century and to give GMB members a strong voice in the workplace and in public life.

Tim is married with a son and two daughters. When he's not busy with GMB work he watches Arsenal FC and coaches his local football team Kippax JFC.

Tim tweets at @tim_roacheg

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Annette Mansell-Green – BDA

Annette Mansell-Green

Annette is Head of Employment Relations at the British Dietetic Association (BDA). She is responsible for leading all aspects of trade union work for the association. She first became an active trade unionist at the age of 16 when as a working musician she joined the musicians’ union.

Annette has been both an elected and full-time trade union official for almost 30 years, primarily in the public sector and most recently in the NHS.

Having a long history of active equalities campaigning, Annette is passionate about achieving a fair and equal society for all, both in the UK and internationally. She has a strong commitment to a sustainable public services, particularly the NHS and education. She has a lifelong belief in the value of the arts and the contribution it can bring to achieving a civilised and questioning society.

In her spare time Annette continues to perform as a violinist as much as she can.

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Susan Matthews – Unite the Union

I am an Executive Council member of Unite the Union representing all Black, and Asian Ethnic Minority (BAEM) members and the National Chair of the Unite National and Regional Black and Asian Ethnic Minority Committee. I am devoted and an active union member for nearly two decades.

I have been instrumental in UNITE in bringing about changes for Women, BAEM, Disability, LGBT, Youth, Community members and Retired members and implementation of BAME (Black, and Asian Minority Ethnic) BAME Engagement Strategy that delivery and engage, motivate and mobilise BAME throughout the wider community. As a campaigner, I have supported various campaigns and demonstrations including fighting against racism and fascism, and the Tory Government austerity measures.

As a General Council Member, I will:

Ensure that issues affecting our Black and Asian Ethnic Minority membership are addressed.  Continue to work in partnership with all trade unions to promote, represent and raise awareness and understanding of BAEM issues while respecting the diversity.

Promoting deeper thinking and more productively impactful action on equalities, fairness and respect for all

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Len McCluskey – Unite

Len McCluskeyLen McCluskey was elected as Unite’s first General Secretary in a ballot of the membership in November 2010. He won re-election in April 2013 and April 2017.

He has been a trade union member for 50 years having joined the Transport and General Workers Union upon starting work on the Liverpool docks. While working on the docks he held a series of union positions, including Branch Chair, Branch Secretary and Senior Shop Steward. He has been a Labour Party member since 1970, holding numerous positions including Constituency Chair.

Len was appointed a T&G Officer in Merseyside in 1979 and in 1990 became National Secretary of the General Workers’ Trade Group in the T&G.

In 2004 he was appointed National Organiser in the T&G. He played a leading part in the negotiations that led to the formation of Unite through the merger of the T&G and Amicus in 2007 and was appointed Assistant General Secretary of the new Unite union. He has been heavily involved in industrial negotiations and campaigns, including disputes in the oil tanker industry and at British Airways.

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Seán McGovern – Unite

Seán McGovernSeán McGovern is a disabled Unite activist. As an ex-Remploy worker, he had the honour of being secretary to Unite's L&E Remploy Branch for 16 years; a period that allowed him to cut his teeth on disability politics and campaigning.

Today, he's a Direct Payments Advisor working in the voluntary sector and is still actively campaigning for disability equality inside and outside the workplace.

For past few years, he's had the privilege of representing disabled trade unionists on the TUC General Council.

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Roger McKenzie - Unison

Roger McKenzie

Roger McKenzie is an assistant general secretary at Unison with responsibility for organising and recruitment, as well as membership and activist education.

Prior to taking up his current post in 2010 Roger was the Unison West Midlands regional secretary. Before that he worked for the TUC for 4 years as the Midlands regional secretary and for 4 years as the Race Equality Policy Officer. During his time as regional secretary Roger led the TUC response to the closure of the MG Rover plant in Longbridge. As the race equality policy officer he was the secretary of the TUC Stephen Lawrence Task Force.

Roger hails from the Black Country and is a lifelong Aston Villa supporter and keen martial artist.

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Gloria Mills CBE – UNISON

Gloria Mills CBE

Gloria Mills is National Secretary for equalities at UNISON and a member of the Senior Management Group.

She is a past president of the TUC – the first Black woman to be elected to this position and has held several senior positions in over 25 years working in trade unions. Gloria is a formidable campaigner and negotiator for workers’ and trade union rights, equality and human rights.

Gloria has served as a Commissioner on the Commission for Racial Equality and Commission on Older Women. Gloria is a member of the Executive Committee, Women’s Committee, Chair of the Race Relations Committee and the Employment Appeal Tribunal.

She has been instrumental in campaigning for EU competence on equality and securing the European Union Article 13 Treaty of Amsterdam Race and Employment Framework Directives; leading development and implementation of work on the Stephen Lawrence Inquiry and Task Group and Unison's Equality and Race Strategy.

Gloria has a Masters degree in Business Administration and has written a range of articles and publications on equality, employment and institutional racism. In 2005, she was awarded the CBE for work on equal opportunities and the MBE in 1999 for services to the trade union movement.

In June 2018, Gloria was included in the Black Achievers Wall by Liverpool Museums

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Ged Nichols – Accord

Ged Nichols

General Secretary of Accord since 1993 now representing members in the Lloyds Banking Group, Halifax plc, the Bank of Scotland, Scottish Widows, TSB, Sainsbury’s Bank and Equitable Life.

Member of TUC’s Executive Committee since 2012.

Also a trustee of TUC’s pension scheme, a director of Trade Union Fund Managers, executive member of IPA and a council member at Ruskin College.

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Christine Payne – Equity

Christine PayneChristine Payne has worked for Equity since 1979 and, in November 2005, was elected General Secretary. Equity represents performers and creative personnel across the entire spectrum of entertainment and the arts. 

Christine is on the Main and Performer Boards of the Phonographic Performance Limited (PPL) and the Board of the Educational Recording Agency (ERA). She is a Vice-President and Treasurer of the FIA (The International Federation of Actors). She is Chair of the Creative Coalition Campaign formed in August 2009 to address the threat that online copyright infringement, including illegal file-sharing, presents to future content creation and jobs in the creative industries.

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Dave Penman – FDA

Dave PenmanDave Penman was elected unopposed as FDA General Secretary in May 2012, and took up office on 2 July.

After leaving school, he started work as a civil servant in the Inland Revenue, before joining what is now the Department for Work and Pensions. He became increasingly active in his union – the National Union of Civil and Public Servants (NUCPS – now PCS) – and the Scottish Trade Union Congress, including serving on its General Council from 1992 to 1995.

In 1995, Dave left the civil service to become an organiser for the NUCPS, before joining the FDA staff as a national officer in 2000. He was subsequently promoted to the senior management team as Head of Operations, before becoming Deputy General Secretary.

As FDA Deputy General Secretary, he had responsibility for managing the civil service bargaining structures and operational side of the union. He led on all civil service-wide policy issues and negotiations for the FDA including pay, conditions of service, the Senior Civil Service and pensions.

Dave was elected onto the TUC General Council in September 2012. He has a strong interest in long-term structural public service reform, particularly around reward.

Dave enjoys theatre, crime fiction novels and following Partick Thistle football club.

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Dave Prentis – UNISON

Dave Prentis

Dave Prentis has been General Secretary of UNISON since January 2001. He has fought firmly for fair pay and conditions for members.

Under Dave's leadership, UNISON's reputation as a strong campaigning union has been consolidated. Dave was President of the TUC in 2008/9.

A dedicated trade unionist of more than 30 years, Dave has taken the lead on fighting for equality and opposing the far right.

As General Secretary, Dave has led the fight against privatisation and for well funded public services.

Widely respected by politicians, employers and journalists alike, Dave is also President of the Public Services International.

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Davena Rankin – UNISON

Davena Rankin

Dr Davena Rankin is an active member of UNISON and is the branch secretary at Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU). She is a member of UNISON’s National Higher Education Committee and National Executive Council. Davena served as the first Black chair of the STUC women’s committee (2016) and has been active in UNISON’s, STUC’s and TUC equality structures for many years.

Davena has worked at GCU since 2000 when she joined as a Project Manager. She is now based in the Directorate of Marketing, Recruitment and Admissions and is Head of International Partnerships Administration and Governance. Davena holds a BSc (Hons) in Medicinal Chemistry and PhD in business and university technology transfer.

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Malcolm Sage – GMB

Malcolm SageMalcolm Sage has been a member of the GMB for 45 years and a Shop Steward at Severn Trent Water for 40 years and Branch Secretary for 23 years. Malcolm has been a member of the GMB Regional Council for 34 years, Regional Committee 14 years and the

Mark Serwotka – Public and Commercial Services Union

Mark Serwotka

Mark Serwotka was first elected as General Secretary of PCS in 2000 straight from the ‘shop floor’. Starting work at 16 in the DHSS as a clerical officer, Mark served in the benefits service for 21 years, including seven years as a part time worker to enable him to look after his two children.

As well as Cardiff City FC, Mark’s passions include workers’ rights and protecting our public services from cuts and privatisation. After having a heart transplant in December 2016, he also recognises more than ever the need to defend our NHS.

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Jon Skewes – The Royal College of Midwives

Jon SkewesJon Skewes is the Director of Policy, Employment Relations and Communications for the Royal College of Midwives (RCM). He is the RCM lead negotiator in the NHS and is responsible for external relationships. Vice Chair of Unions21 and a CIPD Fellow he lives in North London.

Jon has extensive experience as a negotiator, campaigner and organiser across public services.

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Liz Snape MBE – UNISON

Liz SnapeLiz Snape has been Assistant General Secretary since November 2011 and has overseen UNISON's current recruitment drive. A devoted trade unionist of 26 years, political campaigning has been at the heart of all Liz's work at UNISON.

Liz worked as UNISON's Director of Policy and Public Affairs for five years prior to her promotion. Liz has contributed to numerous areas of union work; she has worked as a communications officer, a policy officer and a legal officer. Liz has served on the Health and Safety Commission,

the Women and Work Commission and continues to represent UNISON on the TUC Executive and General Council.

Liz has two daughters and is a committed Labour Party activist in her constituency of Enfield Southgate.

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Michelle Stanistreet  – NUJ

Michelle StanistreetMichelle Stanistreet is the general secretary of the National Union of Journalists (UK and Ireland). She worked as a journalist for 10 years at the Sunday Express newspaper as feature writer and books editor.

She was NUJ mother of the chapel at Express Newspapers and national representative for newspapers and agencies on the NUJ's ruling NEC. In 2007-8 she served as the union's president and was elected general secretary in April 2011.

Jane Stewart – Unite

Jane StewartJane Stewart has worked for Unilever Port Sunlight as a Chemical Process Technologist for 33 years and joined the trade union soon after she began employment.

She is Convenor for Unite and is the National Women's representative on the Executive Council. Jane also chairs the National Women's sector committee.

Jane has sat on employment tribunals for a number of years, which has given her first hand knowledge of the serious problems, the movement in general and women in particular are faced with regarding unfair treatment of employees.

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Claire Sullivan – Chartered Society of Physiotherapy

Claire Sullivan - CSPClaire Sullivan took up post as the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy’s Director of Employment Relations and Union Services in October 2014 .

A physiotherapist herself, Claire worked in the London NHS for 10 years, during which she was active as a CSP steward, before joining the CSP as Health Safety Officer in January 1995. Throughout her working life, as both a physiotherapist and committed trade unionist, Claire has maintained a passionate interest in the rights of disabled people at work. Claire has just completed ten years as a TUC representative on the Industrial Injuries Advisory Council and is also the Vice-Chair of Governors at a large further education college.

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Chris Tansley – UNISON

Chris Tansley

Chris Tansley has been a Unison and former partner trade union member for 40 years and was elected onto Unison's National Executive over 20 years ago.

He was Unison's President 2012 - 2013.

Chris is a qualified child care social worker, a school Governor in a multi-cultural primary school, a Nottingham City Councillor and sits as a Lay member on Employment Tribunals 

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Horace Trubridge – Musicians' Union

Horace TrubridgeHorace’s career as a musician comprised of eight years with the band ‘Darts', a musical director role in the West End hit ‘Yakety Yak' and a busy period as a session musician.

He began working for the Musicians’ Union in 1990 and became London Official in 1997, followed by Assistant General Secretary in 2003. In April 2017, Horace was elected as MU General Secretary.

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Steve Turner – Unite

Steve Turner

Steve is Assistant General Secretary at Unite. He sits on the TUC Executive Committee and General Council and is the TUC spokesperson on Europe, representing the TUC on the European Trade Union Confederation. Further, he represents Unite on the Executive and Management Committees of the International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF).

His union responsibilities include the industrial leadership of Unite’s Manufacturing Sectors alongside national responsibility for the development of the union’s community strategy and retired members organisation.

Steve leads on the coordination of support and solidarity for workers engaged in strategic disputes; both within Unite and the wider TUC / Labour movement and is the National Chair of the Peoples’ Assembly against Austerity.

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Dave Ward – Communication Workers' Union

Dave WardDave Ward became an activist in the Trade Union in 1976, progressing through the Postal Union holding a variety of positions at local and regional level. Member of the National Executive Committee in 2000, National Officer in 2001, Deputy General Secretary of the Postal Side of the CWU in June 2003, General Secretary of the Communication Workers’ Union June 2015.

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Simon Weller – Associated Society of Locomotive Engineers and Firemen

Simon WellerSimon Weller started with British Rail as a teenager in 1987 and joined ASLEF immediately. After working as a driver's assistant, he qualified as a train driver in 1989. Since then, Simon served as a branch official, LDC (Shop Steward), company negotiator, Executive Committee member and left train driving in 2009.

He is now ASLEF's elected Assistant General Secretary responsible for covering for the General Secretary in his absence as well as education, equalities, pensions, recruitment and inter-union relations

Simon has been a member of the TUC General Council since the 2011 Congress.

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Tony Woodhouse – Unite

Tony WoodhouseTony Woodhouse is Chair of the Executive Council of Unite the Union representing the North West region. He is the Chair of the TUC Executive Committee.

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Matt Wrack – Fire Brigades Union

Matt WrackMatt Wrack is General Secretary of the Fire Brigades Union.

Matt was born in Manchester 1962 and joined the London Fire Brigade in 1983. He worked at various fire stations in East London and quickly became involved in the Fire Brigades Union, becoming a Branch Secretary in 1984. He served as a member of the FBU London Regional Committee 1988-2005, became London FBU Regional Organiser in 2002 and was elected Regional Secretary in 2004.

Matt was elected FBU Assistant General Secretary in March 2005 and was elected General Secretary in May 2005. He is the Employee Side Joint Secretary of the National Joint Council for Local Authority Fire and Rescue Services (NJC) and also for the Middle Managers' Negotiating Body (MMNB).

Matt is a member of the TUC General Council and the TUC Executive Committee.

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