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12 Sep 2016

​​TUC Campaign Plan 2016 downloadTUC Campaign Plan 2016-17

The TUC’s Campaign Plan sets out how we plan to respond to the events of 2016: both the profound consequences of the decision by the British people to leave the European Union, and also the significant impact for our member unions of the passage of the Trade Union Act.

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Priorities for 2016-17

 Priority 1 | Working People Must Not Pay the Price of the Vote to Leave the EU

 Priority 2 | Standing Up for Abandoned Communities

​​ Priority 3 | Great Jobs for Everyone

 Priority 4 | Reaching Young Workers

 Priority 5 | Building A Stronger Movement after the Trade Union Act

Our movement approaches the TUC’s 150th anniversary in 2018 in good health, united, and determined to act as one in defence of working people. You will see throughout this plan our determination to grow stronger and bigger. And our commitment to equality for women, BAME people, LGBT people and disabled people underpins everything we do.

Adopted at Congress 2016, this Campaign Plan supports and enhances the specific priorities and campaigns of our member unions in their industrial sectors. It will succeed only if it is the plan for all of our movement – member unions, workplace reps, grassroots members, and our allies too.

Everyone can contribute to building our movement’s strength and resilience. The outside environment is changing fast – both the world of work, and the political context too. So this Campaign Plan sets out our priorities, and over the coming months we will supplement it with detailed plans including ways to get involved.

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