Issue date
14 Aug 2014

The trade union voice in the community is as important as ever. The capacity of trades union councils to provide a local response and to organise trade unionists into coalitions with other progressive forces is crucial. They do this by providing services which keep local trade unionists up to date with developments within the wider trade union movement, and by taking up relevant local industrial and community issues.

The 2014 - 15 programme of work is based around the key themes of the TUC's 'Count Down to a Future that Works' campaign. It also takes on board the resolutions passed at this year's Trades Union Councils Conference held in Cardiff, highlighting how the demands of those resolutions can be delivered through the five main themes of the programme of work and the TUC campaign against austerity.

An online copy of the the 2014 - 2015 programme of work is available below. Hard copies are being circulated to trades union councils and can also be ordered by contacting TUCJCC Secretary, Tom Mellish, at [email protected] or telephoning 020 7467 1380.