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08 Mar 2012
Solidarity with workers in the USA

Wisconsin recall campaign

10 March 2012

TUC General Secretary Brendan Barber has sent a message of solidarity to the trade unionists of Wisconsin USA as they demonstrate in the state capital, Madison, on Saturday 10 March in support of the recall of Governor Walker, who, a year ago, tore up public sector workers' collective bargaining rights.

The TUC is also encouraging trade unionists in Britain to support the online petition that the Wisconsin AFLCIO are promoting.

This is the letter Brendan sent:

Phil Neuenfeldt
Wisconsin AFLCIO
6333 W. Bluemound Road
Wisconsin WI 53213

Dear Bro Neuenfeldt

Reclaim Wisconsin: 10 March

The TUC is the voice of Britain at Work, and on behalf of our 53 trade unions and their six million members, I send solidarity to Wisconsin trade unionists in your campaign to recall Governor Walker and restore dignity and respect to those who work in the public sector.

The British trade union movement is engaged in its own struggle to defend public sector services and jobs, and thus oppose the austerity that is undermining working people's living standards across the economy.

We have been appalled by the measures being promoted by Governor Walker, and the damage that his policies will do to the lives of working people, their families and communities in Wisconsin.

But we have also been inspired by your struggle against these repulsive and misguided policies, your successful efforts to take a message of hope to the people of Wisconsin, the successful recall activities of the past year.

British trade unionists share your commitment to uphold democracy; to shared prosperity; and to investment in education, health and infrastructure.

We stand with our brothers and sisters in Wisconsin. We are Wisconsin!

Yours sincerely


General Secretary