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The gender impact of the cuts - a year on

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The gender impact of the cuts - a year on

In November 2010 the TUC produced a briefing titled 'The gender impact of the cuts - Nov 2010'. The briefing outlined the impact that cuts to jobs, services and welfare would have on women. At the time of writing many of the cuts were yet to take effect. However, even at that early stage it was already apparent that the government's deficit reduction strategy would disproportionately disadvantage women and families, particularly those on low incomes.

In the twelve months since the first briefing was written many of the cuts that were anticipated have now happened and further cuts and reforms have been announced. This briefing aims to revisit and update the 2010 'Gender impact of the cuts briefing' and to give an overview of the ways in which women in both the public and private sectors have been affected by the public sector cuts, as workers, as benefits claimants and as service users.

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