Issue date
14 Sep 2010

Programme of Business: Monday

The programme may be subject to change

Today's business

10.00-12.45 Public services, justice

14.15-17.30 Welfare and social policy, union rights and employment rights, health and safety

Today's music

Lady Manners School Folk Group

Morning: 10.00-12.45

Approval of tellers and scrutineers

Introduction of sororal/fraternal delegates and visitors

GC Report Chapter 10: Obituary and silence for world peace

GPC Report: GPC Chair Peter Hall

Presentation of introductory video

General Secretary's Address and General Council Statement on the economy and impact of cuts

Public services

GC Report Chapter 3: Economic and industrial affairs

Motion 38 Defending public services

Motion 39 Public services

Motion 40 Public services cuts and the effect on the wider economy

Motion 41 Defence of public services

Motion 42 Campaigning against the cuts

Motion 43 Protecting public services

Motion 44 HMRC resources and the deficit

Motion 45 Public sector cuts

Para 3.1 Introduction

Para 3.13 Public services

Address by Rt Hon Harriet Harman MP, Interim Leader of the Labour Party

Motion 46 Private Finance Initiative

Motion 47 Sick pay


Motion 63 Sentencing and rehabilitation within the criminal justice system

Motion 64 Justice is not a commodity

Para 3.18 Criminal justice

End of session

All Together for Public Services photo-call outside Manchester Central

Afternoon: 14.15-17.30

Welfare and Social Policy

GC Report Chapter 3: Economic and industrial affairs cont'd

Motion 14 Tackling child poverty

Motion 15 Child poverty

Para 3.4 Poverty and vulnerable employment

Motion 16 Defence of the welfare state

President's address and vote of thanks

Union rights and employment rights

GC Report Chapter 1: Organising and rights at work

Motion 1 Employment rights

Motion 2 Lawful Industrial Action Private Members Bill

Motion 3 Anti-trade union laws

Motion 4 Right to strike

Motion 5 Industrial legislation

Para 1.1 Introduction

Para 1.2 Organising and representation

Para 1.3 Organising and Representation Task Group

Para 1.4 Fairness at work: the TUC campaign for workplace justice and trade union freedom

Para 1.5 Employment tribunals

Para 1.6 Statutory recognition

Para 1.7 Human rights

Para 1.9 Advisory Conciliation and Arbitration Service (ACAS)

Para 1.10 Better regulation

Para 1.11 Union Legal Officers' Network (ULON)

Para 1.12 Young people

Motion 6 Anti-union laws

Motion 7 Blacklisting

Motion 8 Public Interest Disclosure Act

Para 1.8 Public interest disclosure

Address by Gideon Shoko, Deputy General Secretary, Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions

Health and Safety

GC Report Chapter 6: Protecting people at work

Motion 72 People before profit

Motion 73 Health and safety

Motion 74 Health and safety

Motion 75 Health and safety - Young Review

Para 6.1 Introduction

Para 6.2 Campaigns

Para 6.3 Safety representatives

Para 6.4 Compensation issues

Para 6.5 Health and Safety Executive

Para 6.6 External bodies

Motion 76 International asbestos ban

Motion 77 Asbestos on ships

Motion 78 Industrial injuries

End of session

Programme of Business: Tuesday

The programme may be subject to change

Today's business

09.30-12.45 Equal rights, young workers and apprenticeships, health

14.15-17.30 International, arts, media and culture, education

Today's music

Rochdale Youth Brass Quintet

Morning: 09.30-12.45

Equal Rights

GC Report Chapter 2: Equal rights

Motion 9 Trade union outreach

Para 2.1 Introduction

Para 2.3 Equality and Human Rights Commission

Para 2.5 Race equality

Para 2.8 Age discrimination

Motion 10 Equality impact assessments (EIAs)

Para 2.2 Equality Act 2010

Motion 11 A workplace agenda for women

Para 2.4 Women's equality

Motion 12 LGBT rights in the new political situation

Para 2.6 Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights

Motion 13 A workplace agenda for disabled workers

Para 2.7 Disability

Young Workers and Apprenticeships

GC Report Chapter 3: Economic and industrial affairs cont'd

Motion 28 National minimum wage and apprentices

Para 3.8 National Minimum Wage

Motion 29 Internships

Para 3.17 Panel on Fair Access to the Professions

GC Report Chapter 5: Learning and skills

Para 5.1 Introduction

Para 5.2 Learning and skills policy

Para 5.3 Unionlearn

Para 5.4 TUC Education

GC Report Chapter 3: Economic and industrial affairs cont'd

Motion 51 Investing in our future

Motion 52 Young people and the recession

Motion 59 Graduate unemployment


GC Report Chapter 3: Economic and industrial affairs cont'd

Motion 48 The NHS

Motion 49 NHS hospital car parking charges

Motion 50 Malnutrition and dehydration

Motion 62 Social care

Para 3.14 Health and social care

Motion 79 Cosmetic use of sunbeds

End of session

Afternoon: 14.15-17.30

Video and presentation of lay rep awards

Para 9.3 Congress Awards


Address by Sharan Burrow, General Secretary, International Trade Union Confederation

GC Report Chapter 4: Global solidarity

Motion 68 Haiti

Para 4.3 Decent work and core labour standards

Para 4.5 International development

Para 4.6 A stronger European Social Model

Motion 69 Palestine

Para 4.4 Supporting trade unionists in trouble

Motion 70 Supporting international development

Motion 71 Vietnam

Para 4.2 Building stronger unions

Arts, media and culture

GC Report Chapter 3: Economic and industrial affairs cont'd

Motion 65 The BBC's remit

Para 3.20 Media, entertainment and the digital economy

Para 3.21 London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games

Motion 66 Arts funding

Motion 67 England bid to host the 2018 World Cup


Motion 53 Academies and free schools

Motion 54 Defending state education

Motion 55 Inclusion

Para 3.15 Education and early years' provision

Motion 56 Threats to local authority education services

Motion 57 Defending education and jobs

Motion 58 Use of consultants in further education (FE)

Motion 60 Independent Safeguarding Authority (ISA) referrals

Para 3.16 Independent Safeguarding Authority

Motion 61 Reforming Ofsted

Ballot results for the General Purposes Committee and the General Council

End of session

Programme of business: Wednesday

The programme may be subject to change

Today's business

09.30-12.45 Economy and manufacturing, climate change and energy
14.15-17.30 Transport, pensions

Today's music

The Blue Ribbons

Morning: 09.30-12.45

Video Robin Hood Tax

Para 4.1 Introduction

Economy and manufacturing

GC Report Chapter 3: Economic and industrial affairs cont'd

Motion 17 Manufacturing

Motion 18 UK and EU industrial policy

Para 3.2 The Economy

Para 3.3 Labour market

Para 3.5 Industry

Para 3.9 Working time

Para 3.19 Royal Mail

Address by John Monks, General Secretary, European Trade Union Confederation

Motion 19 Restoring ethical banking: ending the sales commission culture

Para 3.6 Corporate governance and capital markets

Motion 27 High Pay Commission

Address by Mervyn King, Governor, Bank of England, plus question and answer session

Climate change and energy

GC Report Chapter 3: Economic and industrial affairs cont'd

Motion 31 Climate change

Motion 32 Coal in a balanced energy policy

Motion 33 Coal for Britain

Para 3.11 Climate change and energy

Motion 30 Housing

Para 3.10 Housing

GC Report Chapter 7: The regional dimension

Para 7.1 Introduction

Para 7.2 Responding to the recession

Para 7.3 Boosting union organising, recruitment and representation

Para 7.4 Challenging the far right

Para 7.5 Promoting equality and diversity

Para 7.6 Supporting migrant and vulnerable workers

Para 7.7 Speaking up for public services

Para 7.8 Health and safety

Para 7.9 Greening the workplace

Para 7.10 Trades union councils

Para 7.11 TUC unemployed workers centres

End of session

Afternoon: 14.15-17.30


GC Report Chapter 3: Economic and industrial affairs cont'd

Motion 34 Government transport policy

Motion 35 Rail franchising

Motion 36 More freight on rail

Para 3.12 Transport

Motion 37 The Strategic Defence Review and its implications for the Royal Fleet Auxiliary (RFA)

Address by Ann Black, Labour Party Sororal delegate


GC Report Chapter 3: Economic and industrial affairs cont'd

Motion 20 Pensions - challenging the Government's regressive attacks on pension saving

Motion 21 In defence of all our pensions

Motion 22 Public sector pensions

Motion 23 Pensions

Motion 24 Public sector pensions

Motion 25 Pensions for senior public sector managers

Motion 26 Public sector pensions - BBC pensions robbery

Para 3.7 Pensions

End of session

Programme of business: Thursday

The programme may be subject to change

Today's business

09.30-12.45 Campaigns and communications, TUC organisation, closing of Congress

Today's music

That's All Folk

Morning: 09.30-12.45

Campaigns and communications

GC Report Chapter 8: Campaigns and communications

Para 8.1 Introduction

Para 8.2 Campaigning through the media

Para 8.3 Campaigning in Parliament

Para 8.4 Campaigning online

Para 8.5 Campaigning in publications

Para 8.6 Exhibitions

Para 8.7 TUC/TUink Trade Union Communications Awards

TUC Organisation

GC Report Chapter 9: TUC Organisation

Motion 80 Reform of General Council

Para 9.1 Introduction

Para 9.2 Affiliations and union mergers

Para 9.6 General Council

Para 9.7 TUC Finances and Appendix 3

Para 9.8 Personnel and training

Para 9.9 TUC Information Service and Library Collections

Para 9.10 Congress Centre

Motion 81 Report-back on Congress motions

Para 9.4 Congress

Para 9.5 Young Members' Conference motion to Congress

Any unfinished business

GC Report Appendix 1: attendances

GC Report Appendix 2: committee membership

Closing of Congress

Adopt General Council's report

General Council retirements

Presentation of Gold Badge and Congress bell to President

Video - highlights of the week