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Mediation: a guide for trade union representatives
Date of Publication: 2010
This book is intended as a brief guide to mediation, one of important the tools available to trade union reps, as a means of resolving disputes between employers and employees. Written in conjuction with ACAS.
Still Making a Difference
Date of Publication: 2014
This report presents the results of extensive research into the profile and activity of trade union representatives who had recently undergone courses in the TUC education programme including those provided in association with affiliated unions. Report written for the TUC by Doug Gowan.
Swimming Against the Tide
Date of Publication: 2012
SERTUC's ninth survey of equality in trade unions reporting on 38 affiliates with 99% of the TUC's affiliated membership. Please call for bulk carriage prices.
Tackling Racism: a TUC workbook
Date of Publication: 2011
The fifth edition of this influential publication places at it's centre the activities of trade union representatives at work and in their communities. It's aim is to provide arguments, information and step-by-step help to challenge racism and promote equality at work. Full of practical examples, it also provides information and learning activities that employers, training personnel and community groups will also find valuable. Includes a 'Race and the UK' timeline poster. One copy is free to trade union members.
Hadi Never Died: Hadi Saleh and the Iraqi trade unions
Date of Publication: 2006
An inspiring story of the Iraqi labour movement and Hadi Saleh, a trade unionist who gave his life in pursuit of a new Iraq. Written by Abdullah Saleh and Alan Johnson.
Young against Old: What's really causing wealth equality?
Date of Publication: 2015
Today's young people are having to deal with falling wages, rising house prices and increasingly insecure jobs. But is cutting benefits for older people really the answer? This Touchstone pamphlet challenges the myths that all pensioners are rich and that reducing older people's benefits would be a solution to younger people's problems.
Immigration Document Checks and Workplace Raids
Date of Publication: 2010
This booklet will help you deal with document checks by negotiating agreements with management and give you guidance on what to do in an immigration raid.
Want Better Pay, Conditions and Benefits at Work? Join A Union
Date of Publication: 2011
There are more than six million workers who are union members in the UK. If you want to join them, find out more with this pocket sized fold out leaflet. Please call or email for information on bulk orders.
TUC Pocket Guide to Organising
Date of Publication: 2014
Handy tips and good advice to help reps run successful organising initiatives. Please call or email for bulk prices.
Sodom, Gomorrah and the New Jerusalem
Date of Publication: 2006
Written by Peter Purton with a foreword by Chris Smith, this book looks at what has happened to the rights of lesbians, gay men, bisexuals and trans people over the last hundred years since the Parliamentary Labour Party was formed.