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Final Agenda 2017
Date of Publication: 2017
Motions and amendments for Congress 2017. Prices per copy for this 72-page, A4 size publication are; £3 = Single copy £2.75 = 2-10 copies £2.50 = 11-50 copies £2 over 50 copies. Please order a single copy using the drop down menu below, to order multiple copies, download the order form here , or call 0207 467 1294.
General Council Report 2017
Date of Publication: 2017
A report of the TUC's activities over the Congress year 2016 - 2017. Prices per copy for this 128-page, A4 size colour publication are; £10 = One copy £9 = 2-10 copies £8.50 = 11-50 £8 over 50 copies Please order a single copy using the drop down menu below, for multiple copies use this link to download the order form or call, 0207 467 1294.
Preliminary Agenda: Congress 2017
Date of Publication: 2017
This is the Preliminary Agenda for the 149th Annual TUC Congress which this year will take place on 10-13 September in Brighton. It contains motions and nominations for congress.
Enforcing the National Minimum Wage: A practical guide
Date of Publication: 2017
This guide is for advisors and union representatives helping low-paid workers secure their national minimum wage (NMW) rights. Effective enforcement is essential so that all workers who are entitled to the NMW actually receive it. Most workers are entitled to the NMW, but there are exemptions. This helpful guide examines who is covered. This booklet also includes an essential resources list at the end of the guide. Please note that although this guide has been provided with the utmost care, it does not constitute legal advice. One copy is free to union members, but bulk orders are possible, please contact...
The Gig is Up
Date of Publication: 2017
Over three million people face insecurity at work, that's one in ten of the UK workforce! This report shows the impact of insecurity at work on workers themselves, and on the UK's economy and public finances. It reports back from a TUC survey and most importantly it sets out what policy-makers could do to ensure that the modern world of work is one in which everyone can have a decent job. This publication is £10 or free to members of TUC affiliated unions. Please note ONE copy is free to union members (Please call or email for bulk requirments, which...
Date of Publication: 2017
This beautiful 12oz mug is made in England at the award winning Steelite factory in Stoke-on-Trent, and features the ♥UNIONS logo. We specially sourced this UK made mug to support the pottery industry and the quality of this item is amazing! The price of this mug is £10 but the cost of £12.50 includes p&p.
Report of Congress 2016
Date of Publication: 2017
The full text of the Congress resolutions, General Council statements, keynote speeches together with statistical information on the unions and their delegates from the 148th TUC Congress which took place in Brighton in 2016. You can also read online the full verbatim report of the debates .
TUC Equal Pay Archive: Presentation Pack
Date of Publication: 2007
This presentation pack contains; A DVD of an introductory film, edited versions of each of the first seven films, plus a montage and documentary on the struggle for equal pay since the 1880's, The Equal Pay Story-Scenes from a Turbulent History . Separate DVD of The Equal Pay Story- Scenes from a Turbulent History . A4 colour booklet, notes and resources, plus two postcards. Campaigning to Close the Pay Gap- colour booklet originally produced in 2000 to clebrate 30 years of the Equal Pay Act.
Working time, breaks and holidays - Know Your Rights booklet
Date of Publication: 2017
The law relating to your working time is complicated. Some bad employers take advantage of this to deny staff their rights. Others may not understand what the law requires. Step by step, this leaflet explains weekly hours limits and night working limits; and your rights to breaks, rest periods and paid holiday. This publication is just a short guide, not a full statement of the law. If your rights are being ignored get advice from your trade union about taking action to enforce them. For further information on other rights at work, visit PLEASE NOTE ONE COPY IS FREE...
Apprenticeship Levy - 15 useful negotiating tips
Date of Publication: 2017
Are you a trade union officer or rep? If so, the following negotiating tips can help make sure that the Apprenticeship Levy is used on good quality Apprenticeships. Apprenticeship Levy - 15 useful negotiating tips (pdf)