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Age Immaterial: Women over 50 in the workplace - a TUC report
Date of Publication: 2014
This report sets out the findings of the Age Immaterial project, which through labour market analysis, an online survey and specially commissioned polling gathered vital information about the challenges facing older women at work. It provides a set of policy recommendations on areas such as discrimination; the pay gap; caring and working; and health and training.
Trade Unions at Work: What they are and what they do
Date of Publication: 2010
Including a guide to the Trades Union Congress, this pamphlet explains how unions work in modern Britain: the job they do for their members, the way they help boost business and how they help to make Britain a better place to live and work.
Dyslexia in the Workplace - a TUC guide (3rd edition)
Date of Publication: 2014
First published in 2005, this new edition has been updated and revised by Brian Hagan for the TUC. It describes a framework for negotiating and promoting workplace practices that aid dyslexic staff and in itself exemplifies British Dyslexia Association guidelines on good publishing practice.
The TUC’s Campaign Plan
Date of Publication: 2013
This campaign plan sets out what the TUC’s General Council will do in the struggle to make Britain a better and fairer place to live and work.
Time off and flexible working for carer - Know your rights leaflet
Date of Publication: 2013
If you are juggling work with caring for a relative who is ill, frail or disabled, this leaflet outlines six things you need to know.
Working Women
Date of Publication: 2013
TUC handbook for all trade unionists This fully revised and updated edition takes account of changes in law and the economy since the second edition in 2005. The book is a resource for all trade unionists, but has been designed especially for use on TUC and union courses, containing facts and figures, case studies and comment with checklists and activities. It is a useful source of information, an aid to discussion and a stimulus to working for a better deal for women everywhere.
General Council Report to Congress 2013
Date of Publication: 2013
A report of the TUCs activities over the Congress year 2012-2013
Equality Audit 2012
Date of Publication: 2012
This 2012 audit, like those of 2003, 2005 and 2009, details the range of issues unions address in their search for improved equality for all workers in the collective bargaining arena.
Delivering Equal Treatment for Agency Workers: a TUC bargaining guide
Date of Publication: 2011
Thanks to trade union campaigning, the European Union Temporary Agency Worker Directive was adopted in late 2008 and has been implemented in the UK through the Agency Worker Regulations 2010. This guide for trade union negotiators explains the rights that agency workers have, with particular reference to the new rights to equal treatment on pay, holidays and working time.
TUC Guide to Human Rights in the Workplace
Date of Publication: 2000
The Human Rights Act represents a fundamental shift to a rights-based system of law. This guide to the Act, drafted by legal specialists, gives full details of how the Convention impacts upon trade union issues of freedom of association, equality, discrimination and privacy at work. Other rights at work are also affected and the guide shows how these are often improved by the new legislation. This clear and concise key reference work, for all union negotiators, also includes the full text of relevant Convention articles.