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TUC Directory 2016
Date of Publication: 2016
Brand new for 2016, this is the popular yearbook of facts, stats, links and useful information about Britain's largest voluntary organisation. Each of the TUC's 52 member unions is described in detail, with full contact information, using data supplied by the affiliates themselves. A must-have resource for every office! Prices held at last year's. Free Interactive pdf version coming soon. Pre orders now being taken for this book due in January 2016. Please note: If you order & pay for this book now, it will be despatched in January. Please call for bulk orders.
Epilepsy in the Workplace
Date of Publication: 2015
Written by Kathy Bairstow of Epilepsy Action, this guide will help trade unionists challenge discriminatory attitudes about workers with epilepsy, putting the emphasis on adaptation, not exclusion. 1 - 10 copies of this book are free. 11 - 50 copies are £10 per pack. 51 - 100 copies are £15 per pack. Please call for further bulk prices.
Still Making a Difference
Date of Publication: 2014
This report presents the results of extensive research into the profile and activity of trade union representatives who had recently undergone courses in the TUC education programme including those provided in association with affiliated unions. Report written for the TUC by Doug Gowan.
Young against Old: What's really causing wealth equality?
Date of Publication: 2015
Today's young people are having to deal with falling wages, rising house prices and increasingly insecure jobs. But is cutting benefits for older people really the answer? This Touchstone pamphlet challenges the myths that all pensioners are rich and that reducing older people's benefits would be a solution to younger people's problems.
TUC Pocket Guide to Organising
Date of Publication: 2014
Handy tips and good advice to help reps run successful organising initiatives. Please call or email for bulk prices.
TUC Aid: Global SolidarityThat Works
Date of Publication: 2013
A booklet on payroll giving to the TUC's own charity to alleviate suffering abroad. It gives examples of the projects TUC Aid has funded, or is planning to fund, in South America, Africa and the Middle and Far East.
Beyond Employment Relationship
Date of Publication: 2011
Collective bargaining and supply chain coordination. Written for the TUC by Chris F Wright.
Organising Beyond the Employment Relationship
Date of Publication: 2011
Report on unions, collective bargaining and supply chain coordination. Written for the TUC by Chris F Wright
Guide to Organising
Date of Publication: 2007
A framework for planning, implementing and winning campaigns.
Changing Times: A TUC guide to work-life balance
Date of Publication: 2001
Employees want flexibility to balance their lives and do their job well, employers want flexibility in order to compete and provide better services. This guide is the TUC's contribution to tackling these problems.This guide to work-life balance has been written with the help of the DTI.