Heartunions leaflet: McDonalds Strikers' campaign Date of Publication: 2018 This A5 colour, one-sided leaflet is produced for heartunions week, and features the story of the McDonalds strikers who are fighting for better working conditions and fair pay. You can download the flyer to print at home or at the office here. Or purchase them printed.
Heartunions Leaflet 2018 Date of Publication: 2018 heartunions Celebrating Your Voice At Work, leaflet. In A5 colour Red, available specially for heartunions week which runs from 12 - 18 February 2018. There is also the McDonald's strike campaign leaflet available. These are also available to download and print at home or at the office. See link below.
Getting By and Getting On Date of Publication: 2017 A briefing for reps and officers to help them bargain and create campaigns on issues that young workers care and are concerned about, so that no young person is left behind, and the union movement thrives. One copy is free to union members, please email for bulk prices (note carriage will apply) [email protected]
The Great Jobs Agenda Date of Publication: 2017 Everyone at work deserves a great job. A great job where the worker is paid and treated fairly, with opportunities to progress, to learn and to have a voice on what matters. This 8-page document sets out the TUC's agenda to give the trade union movement a common set of bargaining asks in workplaces. One copy is free for union members, please call 0207 467 1294 or email [email protected] for bulk orders, note carriage costs may apply
Enforcing the National Minimum Wage Date of Publication: 2017 This guide is for advisors and union representatives helping low-paid workers secure their national minimum wage (NMW) rights. Effective enforcement is essential so that all workers who are entitled to the NMW actually receive it. Most workers are entitled to the NMW, but there are exemptions. This helpful guide examines who is covered. This booklet also includes an essential resources list at the end of the guide. Please note that although this guide has been provided with the utmost care, it does not constitute legal advice. One copy is free to union members, but bulk orders are possible, please contact TUC Publications by email [email protected] or by phone 0207 467 1294
The Gig is Up Date of Publication: 2017 Over three million people face insecurity at work, that's one in ten of the UK workforce! This report shows the impact of insecurity at work on workers themselves, and on the UK's economy and public finances. It reports back from a TUC survey and most importantly it sets out what policy-makers could do to ensure that the modern world of work is one in which everyone can have a decent job. This publication is £10 or free to members of TUC affiliated unions. Please note ONE copy is free to union members (Please call or email for bulk requirments, which make incur carriage costs)
TUC Pocket Guide to Organising Date of Publication: 2014 Handy tips and good advice to help reps run successful organising initiatives. Please call or email for bulk prices.
Guide to Organising Date of Publication: 2007 A framework for planning, implementing and winning campaigns.
Apprenticeships Toolkit Date of Publication: 2016 This is the new edition of the Apprenticeship's Toolkit, a handy resource for union reps and ULR's who are negotiating with employers on apprentices and apprenticeships. Loose-leaf folder. One copy only (Please call for bulk prices) 0207 467 1294
Generation Lost: youth unemployment and the youth labour market Date of Publication: 2012 This Touchstone Extra Pamphlet reports on youth unemployment the labour market. It's author Paul Bivand also looks at the causes of and the history of youth unemployment. All the Extra report series are available to download as a pdf, see the link below