Protection from Sexual Harassment - Revised 2018 Date of Publication: 2017 It does not matter how long you have worked for your employer or whether you are  an apprentice, a trainee or agency worker, you are protected from sexual harassment in the workplace by the Equality Act 2010. This booklet describes the offence, it's impact and the rights you have to fight back if it happens. Single copies are free of charge. Bulk orders are charged as follows:  2-100 copies - 50p each, 101-500 - 40p each, over 500 - 30p each. Please call or email for larger quantity prices. 0207 467 1294 [email protected]
You're Not Alone: Speak to your union rep today Date of Publication: 2017 These boldly designed posters come in full colour, A4 and A3 sizes and they are designed to encourage women to speak to their union rep. Prices are as follows; 1-10 copies A4 = £2 For union members 11-20 copies A4 = £5 For union members 1-10 copies A 3= £3 For union members 11-20 copies A3 = £6 For union members Please email if you are interested in purchasing these posters, or call 0207 467 1294 Download the order form here.
Enforcing Basic Workplace Rights Date of Publication: 2011 This beautifully presented A4 book is a guide for unions and their members to the statutory enforcement rights.
Unequal, Trapped and Controlled: women's experience of financial abuse and potential implications for Universal Credit Date of Publication: 2015 This report, written for the TUC by Women’s Aid, examines women's often under-reported experience of financial abuse and coercive control by their partners, and the potential implications for Universal Credit. Download Unequal Trapped & Controlled [PDF] To receive discounts for bulk orders, download the order form and return it to [email protected]
The Impact on Women of Recession and Austerity Date of Publication: 2015 This report looks at how women have fared through recession and austerity. It finds that while progress on some headline measures of gender equality has continued – the employment and pay gap have continued to narrow, for example – some women are facing new hardships and barriers to equality. Download The impact on women of recession and austerity [PDF] To receive discounts for bulk orders, download the order form and return it to [email protected]
Women and Casualisation: Women's experiences of job insecurity Date of Publication: 2015 These twelve case studies show how the growth of temporary and insecure jobs is causing problems for many women trying to reconcile variable hours with caring responsibilities, and how fluctuating pay disrupts in-work benefits. Download Women and Casualisation: Women's experiences of job insecurity [PDF] To receive discounts for bulk orders, download the order form and return it to [email protected]
The Pregnancy Test: Ending Discrimination at Work for New Mothers [Report] Date of Publication: 2014 This TUC report says pregnancy and motherhood can seriously affect a woman’s career. Around a quarter of women don’t return to work after maternity leave, and one in six of the mums who do go back, change jobs because their employer won’t allow them to work reduced or flexible hours. It identifies ten ways pregnant women and new mothers are mistreated at work and five things that need to change
Leave and Pay for Mothers - Know Your Rights booklet Date of Publication: 2014 ~~Pregnant women are protected from harm in the workplace and have the right not to be dismissed or unfavourably treated because of their pregnancy. Most employed mothers are entitled to 52 weeks’ maternity leave and 39 weeks’ Statutory Maternity Pay or Maternity Allowance. Mothers with children born on or after 5 April 2015 may also be able to convert some of their maternity leave and pay into Shared Parental Leave and Pay which they or their partner can take on a more flexible basis in the first year of their child’s life. This booklet describes how these rights work. It also provides information on the right to unpaid parental leave, the right to request flexible working and the right to emergency time off for dependants, which may help mothers balance paid work with bringing up their children.   If you are adopting a child or having a child through surrogacy arrangements you may wish to refer to separate Know Your Rights booklets that cover these situations
Campaigning to close the Pay Gap:celebrating 30 years of the Pay Act Date of Publication: 2000 This is a reprint of the booklet written by Melissa Benn and originally produced in 2000 to celebrate 30 years of the Equal Pay Act. In full colour, it pays tribute to the many battles won over the years by women workers for the right to equal pay. It charts the progress of the earliest campaigns through to the successful conclusion of the long running speech therapists case.
Postcard: 'Has she got the balls for it?' Date of Publication: 2003 By Jacky Fleming, celebrates the appointment in March 2003 of women to two of the TUC’s top jobs for the first time in its history.