TUC 150th Anniversary Stamps Date of Publication: 2018 In June 2018 the TUC celebrates its 150th Anniversary and to mark the occasion, Royal Mail have produced a Special Commemorative sheet. These beautiful sheets are in full colour and contain information about the history of the TUC, they are very collectable, and commemorative only. Please note you can only order these stamps from the Royal Mail Shop; You can buy these sheets from the Royal Mail shop the link is here.
Odd Thoughts Date of Publication: 2002 The fourth book of verse from former TGWU general secretary, Ron Todd. Proceeds from the sale of this book will go to the Jimmy Knapp Cancer Fund charity.
Postcard: Tolpuddle Martyrs Sculpture Date of Publication: 2016 This postcard depicts the Tolpuddle Martyrs sculpture, by Thompson Dagnall, sited outside the Martyrs' Museum in Tolpuddle, Dorset.
Tolpuddle Martyrs' Mug Date of Publication: 2016 Fine China mug, depicting the Tolpuddle Martyrs and the words, 'From arrest, through hell, to freedom'
Campaigning to close the Pay Gap:celebrating 30 years of the Pay Act Date of Publication: 2000 This is a reprint of the booklet written by Melissa Benn and originally produced in 2000 to celebrate 30 years of the Equal Pay Act. In full colour, it pays tribute to the many battles won over the years by women workers for the right to equal pay. It charts the progress of the earliest campaigns through to the successful conclusion of the long running speech therapists case.
Postcard: 'Has she got the balls for it?' Date of Publication: 2003 By Jacky Fleming, celebrates the appointment in March 2003 of women to two of the TUC’s top jobs for the first time in its history.
Postcard: Tolpuddle Date of Publication: 1994 TUC memorial cottages built in 1934. The grave of James Hammett, Tolpuddle churchyard and the Martyrs’ tree. Tolpuddle Martyrs’ annual commemorative rally 1994.
Postcard: Congress House Date of Publication: 1990 Opened in 1958, the headquarters of the British Trades Union Congress with the sculptural group, The Spirit of Trade Unionism by Bernard Meadows.
Postcard; Epstein Statue Date of Publication: 1990 Sir Jacob Epstein’s famous war memorial in the courtyard of Congress House.
The Martyrs of Tolpuddle 1834-1934 Date of Publication: 1999 Commissioned by the TUC in 1934, this is the most comprehensive account of the Tolpuddle Martyrs, with contributions from Walter Citrine, Sir Staff ord Cripps MP, Arthur Henderson MP and Labour Leader, GDH Cole, Prof Harold Laski, Sidney and Betrice Webb. Also contains cartoons by Low and Will Dryson, sketch maps, drawings and illustrations.