Your Health at Work: an indispensable guide to physical and mental wellbeing Date of Publication: 2018 This book completely updates the TUC's publication, Keeping Well at Work from the early 2000's. It covers the most common physical and mental health risks at work and how you can tackle them. Ideal for reps and officers advising members and negotiating with employers. This 240-page soft back handbook is a valuable reference book, and a must-have for all trade unionists. You can purchase this brand new publication for £12.99, which is £2 cheaper than the bookshops. Unions who would like their own logo placed on the cover, can have this done for no extra charge. Minimum order is 50 for this, other bespoke options are available please contact for further details. Please note this is now available to pre-order. The book will be released on 3rd September 2018.
TUC Workplace Manual: Third Edition Date of Publication: 2016 After the success of the first edition back in 2012, the TUC has revised this popular manual to include recent legal changes in employment law and employee rights. Invaluable not only for for stewards, equality, green or health and safety reps but for anyone who represents, advises or supports members. A4 square bound 176 page single volume soft-back features extensive checklists, web resources and case studies. Every rep will find the TUC Workplace Manual invaluable, and every rep will appreciate the wealth of practical advice and knowledge in this book. Bulk price discounts available as well as for students on TUC approved courses, please call or email for prices. 0207 467 1294 [email protected]  
Hazards at Work Date of Publication: 2016 This Fifth edition of the best selling TUC's guide to health and safety at work is used by reps, officers, employers, professionals in the field and even enforcement officers. This ever popular book is at 368 pages an invaluable resource, which incorporates at it's core a 24 chapter section on the common hazards and cause of ill health at work, and how to assess and prevent them. The book also contains HSE and other guidance, extensive checklists, case studies and web resources. There are discounts on bulk orders, over 5 copies, please contact us for details. Health and safety reps and those on TUC approved courses can receive discount, please call for details 0207 467 1294. Or email at; [email protected]    
Work and well Being Date of Publication: 2015 This guide gives advice on the wide range of attempts being made to promote 'well-being' and as such does not cover the avoidance of injury and illness in traditional health and safety terms, as that information is freely available elsewhere. However, it will help reps tackle management when work and work practices are likely to be the cause of workforce ill health. One copy of this publication is free to union members. Bulk orders are welcome, please call for bulk prices.
Epilepsy in the Workplace Date of Publication: 2015 Written by Kathy Bairstow of Epilepsy Action, this guide will help trade unionists challenge discriminatory attitudes about workers with epilepsy, putting the emphasis on adaptation, not exclusion. 1 - 10 copies of this book are free. 11 - 50 copies are £10 per pack. 51 - 100 copies are £15 per pack. Please call for further bulk prices.  
Changing Times: A TUC guide to work-life balance Date of Publication: 2001 Employees want flexibility to balance their lives and do their job well, employers want flexibility in order to compete and provide better services. This guide is the TUC's contribution to tackling these problems.This guide to work-life balance has been written with the help of the DTI.
Toxic, Corrosive and Hazardous Date of Publication: 2014 The government’s record on health and safety.  
Keeping Well at Work - a TUC Guide (2nd edition) Date of Publication: 2001 This practical handbook has been fully revised and updated for the second edition. It offers advice on the most common health risks at work and how you can tackle them. Every aspect is dealt with including: tackling stress at work, workplace violence, bullying, new health issues like PMS, muscle aches and strains, what to expect from your doctor, your rights and the regulations, and personal injury claims.
Representing and Supporting Members with Mental Health Problems at Work Date of Publication: 2008 Hundreds of thousands of people at work face ignorance, prejudice and stigma because of mental health problems. Even more – who are both able and willing to work – cannot get a job if they have or have had a mental health problem because of discrimination by employers. This goes on even though it is illegal under the Disability Discrimination Act. This booklet has been published to help trade union reps and officials provide a good service to members with mental health problems. It aims to equip reps with the information they need to deal as well with mental health issues as they do with other issues that crop up on a daily basis.   Please note that orders are limited to 10 copies, please call or email for bulk prices.
Risk Assessment Date of Publication: 2008 This A4 booklet is a guide for Safety Reps.