Great Jobs in Great Places Date of Publication: 2017 This report explores what placed-based industrial strategies can do to make sure that no matter where people are born or where they work, everyone has the chance to get a great job. We argue that the creation and sustainment of great jobs should be a core objective of an industrial strategy. One copy of this TUC report is free.  Please contact for bulk orders 
Young against Old: What's really causing wealth equality? Date of Publication: 2015 Today's young people are having to deal with falling wages, rising house prices and increasingly insecure jobs. But is cutting benefits for older people really the answer? This Touchstone pamphlet challenges the myths that all pensioners are rich and that reducing older people's benefits would be a solution to younger people's problems.
Green innovation: industrial policy for a low carbon future Date of Publication: 2014 ~~This report for the TUC by Prof Paul Ekins and Will McDowall argues that government has a key leadership role in creating a “dynamic and vibrant innovation system” that meets society’s environmental and economic aspirations. The direction the UK’s economic growth now takes depends much on government vision and leadership in driving eco-innovation. Innovation is essential for greening growth. Government role in shaping direction of innovation is inevitable: government cannot simply ‘get out of the way’. Innovation policy is not currently aligned with aspirations for a green economy. A more active, dynamic approach is required. Authors: Professor Paul Ekins, Director, Professor of Resources and Environmental Policy, UCL Institute for Sustainable Resources; and Will McDowall, Senior Research Associate, UCL Energy Institute/UCL Green Economy Commission
Workers on Board:the case for workers' voice in corporate governance Date of Publication: 2014 This paper written by Janet Williamson, argues that alongside reforms to remove the priority currently given to the interests of shareholders, mechanisms for workers’ voice should be introduced into the UK’s corporate governance system. Another in the TUC's Economic Report series and you can follow the series here, the pdf is available to download from the link above.
Workers' Voice in Corporate Governance: a European perspective Date of Publication: 2013 This report sets out the situation in relation to worker voice in corporate governance across Europe. It examines the differences and similarities in provisions on worker representation in corporate governance in different European countries, as well as EU regulations and Directives on the subject. Written by Aline Conchon, this another in the Economic Report series, follow the series here; and as always you can download a free pdf of the booklet from the link above.
The Labour Market in the English Regions Date of Publication: 2014 This TUC report – which looks at regional labour markets over the last 20 years – shows that since the election there are 780,000 more people in work across the UK and the likelihood of having a job has also increased (up by one percentage point). You can follow the Economic Report series at  and download a free pdf file of the book from the link above.
Job Creation: Lessons from Abroad Date of Publication: 2013 In this Touchstone Extras pamphlet written by Almna Silim, we look at the international experience of employment change since the recession, at how the British experience compares with other countries and at the lessons we can learn from this comparison. This is available as all our Touchstone Extras series are, as a free pdf download, see the link above.
Dismantling the Barriers to Social Mobility Date of Publication: 2014 In this Touchstone Extra pamphlet, we ask if social mobility is going into reverse. What are the connections between  social mobility and inequality? And what policies might help a recovery of social mobility? Written by Declan Gaffney and Ben Baumberg. This is also available as a free download, please see the link above.
Equitable Full Employment Date of Publication: 2014 The TUC Touchstone pamphlet Equitable Full Employment: A Jobs Recovery For All shows that the recent rise in employment is being driven by fewer people leaving their jobs, rather than more people finding new work. Written for the TUC by Tony Wilson and Paul Bivand.
Beyond Shareholder Value: the reasons and choices for corporate governance reform Date of Publication: 2014 ​The TUC book Beyond Shareholder Value: the reasons and choices for corporate governance reform is a collection of essays by authors from the City, politics, unions and academia, making the case for reforming the UK’s corporate governance system, which many believe is letting down businesses and the wider economy. The book includes 17 essays from organisations ranging from the Institute of Directors to the Fabian Society and the TUC. Other authors include Patrick Diamond from Queen Mary University, Vicki Pryce from the Centre for Economics and Business Research, Andrew Smithers from Smithers & Co Ltd and economist and author John Kay. Download Beyond Shareholder Value: the reasons and choices for corporate governance reform [PDF]