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The programme of business for TUC Congress 2019 contains daily debates and timings for Congress.

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The programme may be subject to change



Approval of tellers and scrutineers

Introduction of sororal/fraternal delegates and visitors

Obituary and silence for world peace + video

GPC Report: GPC Chair Linda McCulloch

Section 1: The economy

Motion 09    Creating a green transport system and amendment
Motion 10    Transport – buses
Motion 11    UK Ship Register
Paragraph 4.10    Transport
Motion 12    Artists’ studios and the community
Paragraph 1.9    Creative industries

President’s address followed by vote of thanks
Moved by Len McCluskey, seconded by Fran Heathcote

Section 2: Brexit

General Council statement on Brexit

Motion 13    Revoking Article 50 and amendment
Motion 14    Brexit
Paragraph 2.1    Introduction
Paragraph 2.2    The political and parliamentary context
Paragraph 2.3    Defending rights
Paragraph 2.4    Protecting jobs
Paragraph 2.5    Safeguarding peace and the
Good Friday Agreement Paragraph 2.6 Building a social Europe

Paragraph 2.7 Building solidarity
Motion 15    The NHS and future trade deals

Section 4 Good Services

Motion 64    Public service pensions and amendments
Paragraph 1.10    Pensions

Address by Ulises Guilarte de Nacimiento, general secretary, CTC Cuba

Freedom for Ocalan photo opportunity

End of Session


The programme may be subject to change

Music: Penrose Trip


Section 3 Respect and a voice at work

Motion 16    Sectoral collective bargaining and amendments
Paragraph 1.2    Stronger together at work – re-booting  collective bargaining
Motion 17    A new framework for collective bargaining and amendment
Motion 18    Christmas and New Year working and amendment
Motion 19    Demands for the future world of work and amendment
Motion 20    Collective voice in artificial intelligence
and new technology and amendments
Motion 21    Digitisation: challenges and opportunities in the finance sector
Paragraph 1.3    Future of work and automation
Paragraph 5.3    A digital lab for the union movement
Motion 22    New Deal for workers campaign
and amendments

General secretary's address

Section 4 Good services continued

Motion 56    Poverty and privatisation damage children’s education
Paragraph 4.1    Introduction
Paragraph 4.2    Education
Motion 57    Curriculum narrowing and amendment
Motion 58    Trade unionism and collectivism in the curriculum and amendments
Motion 59    Pupil violence and indiscipline and amendment
Motion 60    Ban the booths!
Motion 61    Resourcing pupils with additional support needs (ASN/SEN)
Motion 62    Relationships education
Motion 63    Small and rural schools

End of session

Section 4 Good services continued

Motion 45    Privatised public services: bring them in and amendments
Paragraph 4.4    Privatisation and outsourcing
Paragraph 4.5    Civil service
Paragraph 4.8    Public sector pay
Paragraph 4.9    Public Services Forum
Motion 46    NHS and workforce funding and amendment
Paragraph 4.3    NHS and social care
Motion 47    Suspend charging for NHS maternity care
Motion 48    Wholly owned subsidiaries and amendment
Motion 49    Financial incentive to undergo NHS treatment
Motion 50    Healthy Start scheme
Motion 51    Bullying and harassment
Motion 52    Better and active safeguards for whistle-blowers in the NHS and public services
Motion 53    Perinatal mental health services
Motion 54    Transforming social care and amendment
Motion 55    National independent living support service

Video presentation – Jacinda Ardern, prime minister of New Zealand

Section 3 Respect and a voice at work continued

Motion 34     Equality 2020
Paragraph    3.1 Introduction
Paragraph    3.4 Equalities
Motion 35     Class inequality
Motion 36     Widening access to the airline pilot profession

Section 3 Respect and a voice at work continued
Motion 23     Industrial action ballots
Motion 24     Free our unions – repeal the antiunion laws and amendments
Motion 25     Trade union access into workplaces
Paragraph     5.2 Organising and union membership

Address by Wendy Nichols – Sororal delegate from the Labour Party

Show Racism the Red Card photo opportunity

End of session


The programme may be subject to change

Music: Hampshire Youth Folk Ensemble


Section 1 The economy continued

Motion 01     Industrial strategy: delivering real change and amendment
Paragraph1.1  Introduction
Paragraph1.4  Labour market
Paragraph1.5  Insecure work
Paragraph1.6  Low pay, the national minimum wage and the living wage
Paragraph1.7  Social security
Paragraph1.11 Corporate governance, executive pay and workers’ capital
Paragraph1.12  Industrial strategy, science, technology and sustainability
Motion 02    Save our Steel
Motion 03    Real jobs and apprenticeships and amendments
Motion 04    Skills and re-training
Paragraph 3.6 Skills at work

Address by the leader of the Labour Party

Section 4: Good services
Motion 65     Rebuilding local government and amendment
Paragraph 4.6  Local government

Motion 66    Grenfell Tower – never again
Paragraph 3.5  Health, safety and regulation
Motion 70     Over-75s TV licenses and protecting BBC funding
Motion 71     BBC funding for over-75s

Section 3 Respect and a voice at work continued
Motion 26    Safety of rail workers
Paragraph 3.3  Employment and trade union rights
Motion 27  EU Copyright Directive
Motion 28  The inclusion of freelance workers in TUC policy and amendment
Motion 29 Ending exploitation of seafarers
Motion 30 Threat to British seafarers and amendment
Motion 31 Flexible working and amendments
Motion 32 Outsourcing the finance sector
Motion 33 Are our staff wearing appropriate footwear?

End of session

2.15 - 5.30

Video and presentation of Congress awards

Paragraph 6.3   Congress awards

Section 1  The economy continued
Motion 05  Climate crisis and a just transition and amendment
Motion 06  Securing UK green jobs
Motion 07  Climate crisis and amendments
Motion 08  Public ownership of energy and amendment
Paragraph  1.8 Energy policy

Section 3 Respect and a voice at work continued
Motion 37  Smashing the gender pay gap: a vague sense of shame is not
enough and amendment
Motion 38  ILO convention on workplace sexual harassment and amendments
Motion 39  Mental health in low paid employment and amendments
Motion 40  Promoting player welfare and mental wellbeing
Motion 41  Tackling racist ideologies and amendment
Paragraph 3.2  Combating the far right
Motion 42  Period poverty
Motion 43  End discrimination in state reciprocal pension arrangements
Motion 44  Homophobic and transphobic hate crime

End of session


The programme may be subject to change

Music: The Brighton Youth Orchestra String Ensemble


Section 4 Good services continued
Motion 67   Manifesto for justice
Paragraph   4.7 Justice
Motion 68    A public enquiry into transforming rehabilitation
Motion 69 Stop government recidivism on rehabilitation

Address by Keir Starmer MP – shadow secretary of state for exiting the European Union

Section 5 Winning more for workers
Motion 72  ILO campaigning
Paragraph 3.7  Migration, decent work and supply chains
Paragraph 5.1  Introduction
Paragraph 5.5  TUC Education
Paragraph 5.6  TUC Trade Union Communication Awards
Paragraph 5.8  Wales TUC
Paragraph 5.9  English regions
Paragraph 5.10  Global solidarity, trade and international development
Motion 73  Justice for Colombia
Motion 74  Cuba and the US blockade
Motion 75  Palestine – supporting rights to self-determination

Section 6 TUC organisation
Motion 76  Role and remit of TUC Young Workers Forum
Paragraph 5.4  Young people
Paragraph 6.11 Young Workers Conference
Motion 77 Trades Councils participation in Congress
Paragraph 5.7 Trades councils
Paragraph 6.1 Developing the TUC
Paragraph 6.2 Affiliations and mergers
Paragraph 6.4 Congress
Paragraph 6.5 General Council
Paragraph 6.6 Strategic governance
Paragraph 6.7 Women’s Conference
Paragraph 6.8 Black Workers Conference
Paragraph 6.9 Disabled Workers Conference
Paragraph 6.10 LGBT+ Conference
Paragraph 6.12 Trades Union Councils Conference
Paragraph 6.13 TUC finances and Appendix 3
Paragraph 6.14 TUC Library

Any unfinished business

GCR appendix 1: Attendance
GCR appendix 2: Committee membership
GCR appendix 4: Disputes between unions
GCR appendix 5: TUC rules and standing orders


Adopt General Council’s report

General Council retirements

Presentation of Gold Badge and
Congress bell to President


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