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The Programme of BusinessThe programme of business for TUC Congress 2017 contains daily debates and timings for Congress.

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Approval of tellers and scrutineers

Introduction of sororal/fraternal delegates and visitors

Obituary and silence for world peace

GPC Report: GPC Chair Linda McCulloch

GC Report Section 1: The Economy
Motion 03 Building a new housing consensus
Para 1.1 Introduction
Para 1.5 Housing
President’s address and vote of thanks: Moved
by Kevin Courtney, seconded by Sue Ferns

GC Report Section 2: Brexit
Motion 18 Brexit, the Single Market and rights at work
Motion 19 Workers’ rights post-Brexit
Motion 20 Influencing the Brexit deal
Motion 21 Implication of Brexit for STEM
Para 2.1 Post-referendum campaign
Para 2.2 ETUC
Para 2.3 After Brexit
Para 2.4 Article 50
Motion 22 Free movement of labour
Motion 23 Valuing NHS staff from the EU
Motion 24 EU workers in the creative industries
Motion 25 Freedom of movement for performers
Motion 26 Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES)

Address by Glenis Wilmott – Sororal delegate from the Labour Party

End of session



GC Report Section 4: Good Services
Motion 57 Health and social care: transformation, integration and cuts
Motion 58 Social care for all
Motion 59 STPs
Para 4.1 Introduction
Para 4.3 The NHS and social care
Motion 60 Public health – an investment in the future
Motion 61 Renewing our work on mental health
Motion 62 Mental health funding crisis
Motion 63 Medical equipment shortages
Motion 64 NHS breast screening programme: moving forward
Motion 65 Development of mandatory allied health professional (AHP) workload and workforce planning tools
Motion 66 Whistleblowing

General Secretary’s Address including General Council Statement on Campaign Plan 2017–18

GC Report Section 3: Respect and a Voice at Work
Motion 27 Insecure working practices
Motion 28 Insecure work and underemployment
Motion 29 A new deal for workers
Motion 30 Atypical working and self-employment
Motion 31 BEIS Select Committee Inquiry
Motion 32 Technology and employment
Para 3.1 Introduction
Para 3.2 Employment rights and the Trade Union Act
Para 3.4 Tackling insecure work and the Great Jobs Agenda
Para 3.5 Workers’ voice
Para 3.7 Migration and domestic workers
Para 3.8 Decent work and Playfair
Para 3.9 Global supply chains
Motion 33 Trade union rights restriction
Motion 34 Wage protection
Motion 35 Worker representation on public sector boards

End of session


Special feature – Celebrating Public Service Workers

GC Report Section 1: The Economy
Motion 04 Grenfell Tower fire
Motion 05 School buildings (safety)
Motion 06 The safety risks of light-touch regulation
Para 3.6 Health and safety

GC Report Section 4: Good Services
Motion 42 Ending austerity and the pay cap
Motion 43 Public sector pay
Motion 44 Public sector pay
Motion 45 NHS funding and public sector pay
Motion 46 Workers need a pay rise
Motion 47 Fair pay overdue
Motion 48 Public sector pay
Para 4.2 Public sector pay
Para 4.7 Public Services Liaison Group
Para 4.8 Public Services Forum
Para 4.10 Devolution

Motion 54 Child poverty
Para 4.11 Social security and a decent safety net
Motion 55 Joint working for the wellbeing of all children and young people
Motion 56 Child health and wellbeing strategy

GC Report Section 3: Respect and a Voice at Work

Motion 36 Expanding auto-enrolment
Para 1.9 Pensions
Para 1.10 Tax
Para 1.11 Trade
Para 1.12 International development
Para 1.13 Learning and skills
Para 1.14 Low pay, the national minimum wage and the living wage

End of session



GC Report Section 1: The Economy
Motion 11 A safe, secure, accessible, publicly owned railway
Para 1.6 Environment, energy and industrial policy
Para 4.9 Transport
Motion 12 British shipping
Motion 13 The superyacht sector
Motion 14 Transport policy – bus services

Motion 15 Valuing entertainment workers
Motion 16 1% for Art

GC Report Section 5: Strong Unions
Motion 71 Valued workers
Para 5.1 Introduction
Motion 72 A new model of trade unionism
Para 5.2 Trade union membership
Para 5.3 Supporting stronger unions
Para 5.4 Young people
Para 5.5 TUC Education
Para 5.6 Unionlearn and the Union Learning Fund
Para 5.9 English regions
Para 5.10 Wales TUC
Para 5.11 Trades councils/UWCs
Motion 73 Collective bargaining – good for football and good for all
Motion 74 Apprentices

Special feature – Reaching Out to Young Workers

GC Report Section 4: Good Services
Motion 67 New settlement for the civil service

Motion 68 Probation inspection and professional standards
Motion 69 Probation crisis
Para 4.6 Justice
Motion 70 Social security

End of session

2.15 – 5.30

Video and presentation of Congress awards

Para 6.7 Congress awards

GC Report Section 1: The Economy
Motion 01 A strong economy that works for all
Motion 02 Infrastructure investment
Para 1.2 The economy and labour market
Para 1.3 An unbalanced economy
Para 1.4 Working time
Para 1.7 Corporate governance and workers’ capital
Para 1.8 Corporate governance and executive pay

Guest speaker – Rt. Hon. Jeremy Corbyn MP, Leader of the Opposition

Motion 07 Save our Steel
Motion 08 An economic and social audit of the City
Motion 09 Rebuilding the fi nance sector
Motion 10 Climate change
Motion 17 Defence, jobs and diversifi cation

GC Report Section 4: Good Services
Motion 49 Education funding crisis
Motion 50 School funding
Motion 51 Access to educational psychologists for all schools and colleges which is free at the point of delivery
Para 4.4 Education
Motion 52 Excessive and unnecessary education workload: setting pupils a better example
Motion 53 Post-16 education
Para 4.5 Further education and skills
Ballot results for the General Council

End of session



GC Report Section 3: Respect and a Voice at Work

Motion 37 Organising against racism in the workplace
Para 3.3 Equalities
Motion 38 A better deal for black workers in the labour market
Motion 39 De-criminalisation of sex work
Motion 40 Ending the gender pay gap
Motion 41 Northern Ireland same-sex marriage and the DUP

Video presentation and guest speaker – Huber Ballesteros

GC Report Section 5: Strong Unions
Motion 75 Solidarity with all progressive forces and the Kurdish population of Turkey
Para 5.7 Global union organisations
Para 5.8 Global solidarity
Motion 76 Human rights in Qatar

GC Report Section 6: TUC Admin and Organisation
Motion 77 TUC review
Para 6.1 Developing the TUC
Para 6.2 Our people, learning and development
Para 6.3 Congress House improvements
Para 6.4 Congress Centre – a valued venue
Para 6.5 IT strategy and information services
Para 6.6 Affi liations and mergers
Para 6.8 Congress
Para 6.9 General Council
Para 6.10 Senior staff and internal structure
Para 6.11 Women’s Conference
Para 6.12 Black Workers Conference
Para 6.14 LGBT+ Conference
Para 6.15 Young Workers Conference
Para 6.16 Trades Councils Conference
Para 6.17 TUC Trade Union Communications Awards
Para 6.18 TUC fi nances and Appendix 3
Para 6.19 TUC library
Motion 78 Support for affi liates involved in trade disputes
Motion 79 Accessibility of venue for the TUC Disabled Workers Conference
Para 6.13 Disabled Workers Conference

GCR appendix 1: Attendance 2016–17
GCR appendix 2: Committee membership 2016–17
GCR appendix 4: Disputes between unions
GCR appendix 5: TUC rules and standing orders

Adopt General Council’s report
General Council Retirements
Presentation of Gold Badge and Congress bell to President


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