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Colleagues, here's our latest newsletter from the TUC in the Yorkshire and Humber region.

I hope you and your loved ones are safe and well, and you find the information in the newsletter both interesting and useful.
Best wishes and stay safe.
Bill Adams
Regional Secretary


Women have been put in an impossible position during the pandemic 

A TUC survey of 52,000 working mums published earlier this month revealed that 9 in 10 had experienced higher levels of anxiety and stress levels during this latest lockdown.    

Nearly three-quarters (71%) of those who had applied for furlough following the latest school closures have had their requests turned down.   


Union safety reps are saving lives in the pandemic

We always knew unionised jobs were safer: statistically, workplaces with a recognised trade union report half as many injuries. The Covid crisis has shown how much this is the case.

All too often, bosses and the government have not provided enough protection - and it’s only down to our collective organising that conditions at work are improved. 

From winning sick pay to improving PPE, unions have fought to reduce the risk of workers being exposed to coronavirus, with our health and safety reps leading the fight. 

Safety reps are not like other reps: they have special rights.



#HeartUnions week | 8-14 February

This week is #HeartUnions week. A chance to tell the story about why unions are vital for everyone at work, and encourage them to join a union.

We want to do two simple things:
1. demonstrate how brilliant unions are by showcasing all that we achieve for working people – especially during the pandemic.
2. encourage as many people as possible who are already union members to ask someone they know to join one too.

Take a look at our #HeartUnions materials and merchandise to download and use throughout the week.

And use the hashtag #HeartUnions to keep in touch with what the TUC and unions are saying on social media, and publicise your own activities.

This year has tested the labour movement like never before – and we rose to the challenge, says TUC General Secretary

This #HeartUnions week, we’re celebrating the efforts of people from across the labour movement who’ve kept our country running this year. 

Throughout the crisis, our movement has worked hard to serve our communities, deliver crucial services and protect public health. 

Like the Morrison's workers who kept the nation fed, and who, thanks to brilliant work from their trade union, won a £10/hour pay offer. 

Or our teachers, who’ve worked tirelessly to educate pupils under chaotic ‘management’ from ministers, and who were supported by their unions when it was no longer safe to go into school. 



Day in, day out key workers take care of us. And during the pandemic - they never stopped. All of our key workers need a pay rise

When the shelves needed stocking - they were there. When hospitals were at breaking point - they were there. When children needed support and care - they were there. Throughout the pandemic they went to work and risked their lives to care for us.

Now we must support their demands for a pay rise. And here's how you can help.

1. Sign the petition
Join more than 50,000 people calling for a pay rise for key workers.  Add your name today.

2. Use our social media graphics

Download and share these graphics on your social media feeds.

3. Keep updated 
Join the list to receive weekly updates 
on the campaign, including resources, latest developments and social media assets. 

Cutting pay is “no way to thank key workers” and will level down pay for all workers

New analysis published at the end of last week by the TUC revealed the economic hit to Yorkshire and the Humber from government plans to cut pay rises for key workers in the public sector.

The TUC is encouraging the chancellor to reconsider, and to commit to policies that will improve pay and conditions for all key workers.

These should include:

  • Fair pay rises for key workers in the public sector – with a plan to restore wages to their levels before austerity
  • Guarantee that all outsourced public sector workers get a pay rise so that they earn at least the real Living Wage
  • Action to ensure that every key worker in every sector gets a pay rise, including raising the national minimum wage to at least £10 per hour
  • Ban zero-hour contracts – and use the long-awaited employment bill to strengthen rights to fair working conditions for key workers

See how the planned cuts could affect LeedsSheffieldHull, East Yorks and HumberBradfordWakefield and York.


GDPR essentials for union reps
Thursday 18 February | 14:00-15:00

Gathering information and mapping union members is an essential part of a union rep's role, but this must be done in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulations.

Join us for this webinar where we'll be talking to Edward Cooper, employment rights lawyer from Slater and Gordon, about 

  • data protection in a union rep's role
  • how reps should be storing mapping and member data
  • what data reps are entitled to ask their employer for
  • how to spot when employers are hiding behind GDPR

Catch up on webinars

We've held some amazing webinars over the past few months, on mental healthsupporting apprenticeshipsCovid safety measures and loads more.

They're all available to watch again whenever you like. And you can see what we have coming up too.


New essential guides for reps - handling redundancy

Our new interactive guides will help you support members at every stage of the redundancy process, suggesting alternatives, making sure the process is fair and helping them to access the knowledge, training and skills they might need to move forward.

Pocket guide to organising and campaigning

Do you want to build stronger unions in the workplace and beyond? One way you can do this is by running an organising and recruitment campaign. And our pocket guide can help.


Join the Trade Union Badge Collectors Society for FREE

The Trade Union Badge Collectors Society (TUBCS) was formed in the early 1980’s by a group of union activists and officials.

Their membership consists of trade union members and activists and new members are always welcome.

You can find out more about the society and how you can join on the TUBCS website.

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