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Please find our latest newsletter from TUC Yorkshire & the Humber.

With further lockdowns forecast for certain areas of our region, and reports this week that 50,000 jobs have already disappeared since March, it seems to be all bad news.

Virus cases are rising and, unfortunately, the death toll will also increase. It is important that we all take care of each other and although younger people tend to be less affected by the virus, as we have seen with spikes among university and college students, it is the duty of us all not to spread the virus as more vulnerable people will die...



TUC calls on Yorkshire council leaders to help improve working conditions at Amazon 

On Monday, the TUC called on Yorkshire council leaders to work with unions on improving working conditions at Amazon.

The call comes as joint TUC and GMB research reveals the huge public sector spending on the internet giant, nationwide, including the Yorkshire and Humber region.


TUC demands answers from government on ‘inadequate’ job support for our region as lockdown looms

The TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady and TUC Yorkshire & the Humber Regional Secretary Bill Adams have written to local MPs this week, urging them to demand answers from government on job support and raise the need for improved financial assistance for affected workers, as new lockdown restrictions loom across Yorkshire.


Yorkshire job losses show government jobs package isn’t ready for public health emergency

Commenting on Tuesday's ONS figures for earnings and employment, which show payrolled employees in Yorkshire fell by 49,000 between Q2-Q3 this year, TUC Regional Secretary Bill Adams said:

“The government’s job support package isn’t ready for this renewed public health emergency. In the wake of tightening restrictions this week and the prospect of a circuit-breaker national lockdown, more help is needed to save jobs and prevent unnecessary hardship...



Black members network meeting | Thursday 29 October | 2pm | Zoom

The next regional black members network meeting is Thursday 29 October at 2pm on Zoom. This was a really good meeting last time, with great speakers and contributions from those who attended.
If you'd like to sign up for this one, you can do so HERE! 

Equalities forum meeting | Friday 30 October | 2pm | Zoom

And our next equalities forum meeting will be taking place on Friday 30 October at 2pm on Zoom. These meetings are always well-attended and cover really interesting topics.
To register for this meeting, you can do so HERE!


Better Buses for Yorkshire! 🚍🚍

Buses in Yorkshire should be run to serve the community, not to fill the pockets of private companies.

We know the best way to influence decision makers is by speaking to them face-to-face. Current circumstances make that difficult, so we've organised a Zoom call and will invite leaders to hear from locals on this important issue.

Can you add your voice to our invitation? We need to show them how important our buses are to people all over Yorkshire. 

We've set up this action so you can write to your council leaders or mayor, asking them to attend our Zoom meetings this week and next.

Join the Zoom meetings!
We’re running three separate public Zoom meetings (for West Yorkshire, North Yorkshire and South Yorkshire) to show council leaders how much support there is for publicly controlled buses, and we need YOU to join us.

The more people we have on the call, the more pressure that puts our leaders under to act.
Find out more and register HERE!


How to resist the 'resilience' narrative – and organise for less stressful work

If you have an interest in mental health and the workplace, chances are you’ll have heard the word ‘resilience’ thrown around.

Resilience, we are told, allows us to harden ourselves to stress and anxiety.

You may be familiar with employer-sponsored stress-busting initiatives like mindfulness, exercise or even pet therapy.

While none of these activities is a problem per se, the overall approach is. 



Mental health awareness course | three days (over three weeks), starting Friday 27 November

This course is designed to help representatives develop a better understanding of mental health in general.

It aims to give learners:
✔ a better understanding of work-related mental health issues;
✔ a better understanding of disability discrimination law and how it applies to people with mental health issues;
✔ a better understanding of campaigning and organising around mental health in the workplace.

It will run for three weeks, starting Friday 27 November 2020.

Click HERE for further information and to register.


Asbestos: A Real and Present Danger – free conference for trade unions and supporters | Friday 27 November

SARAG (Yorkshire and Humberside Asbestos Victims Support Group), DAST (Derbyshire Asbestos Support Team) and ASCE (Asbestos Support Central England), are hosting a free online conference on Friday 27 November 2020. 

The Conference will address the ongoing dangers of asbestos and will include a number of guest speakers. Find out why asbestos is still posing a real danger today.

To avoid disappointment book tickets HERE now!

Café Économique: ‘Transport Policy in West Yorkshire’ – an online talk by Liz Hunter and Councillor Kim Groves | Tuesday 3 November | 7.30–9.30pm

This talk is organised by Café Économique, as part of a monthly series of talks and debates on current social, economic and environmental topics. There will be opportunities for questions after each talk.

Be it tackling the climate emergency, enabling inclusive growth or boasting productivity, transport has a role to play. Our speakers, Liz Hunter and Kim Groves, will talk about the very immediate transport challenges during the Covid-19 pandemic and the investments which are already being worked on, as well as looking to the future of transport for the region, from major schemes such as High Speed Two and Northern Powerhouse Rail, to regional and local connectivity needs.
Liz Hunter is currently the Head of Transport Policy at the West Yorkshire Combined Authority.
Councillor Kim Groves has been chair of the West Yorkshire Combined Authority’s Transport Committee since June 2018, working to improve public transport in West Yorkshire.

Due to Covid-19, the talk will be online using Zoom.
Anyone wishing to join the talk needs to join the Café Economique members’ list by emailing a request to:
A Zoom link and password will be sent to the email list close to the date of the talk.

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