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TUC launches free online resource for workers facing layoffs.

Up to one in ten UK workers could be facing unemployment by the end of this year, thanks to the economic effects of Covid-19.

That’s the frightening prediction from the National Institute of Economic and Social Research. We’ve already seen the biggest fall in jobs on record for 18-24 year olds between the first two quarters of this year. And every week more big employers announce more potential redundancies.

This is already a frightening time for everyone at work, but workers in industries that have already seen heavy layoffs, such as hospitality, manufacturing and business services will rightly be extremely concerned.

However it’s important that people prepare as much as possible and do their research, as employees in the UK do have some very important rights around redundancy. From consultation and fair treatment, through to alternative roles, time off for training or a redundancy payment that can help whilst you’re seeking new work.

So the TUC is launching a new advice series to help all workers deal with the dangers of working through this crisis. It’s starting this October and November with free expert advice webinars on redundancy rights.

Those in unionised workplaces have the advantage of dedicated people and processes in place to ensure the best outcomes in the worst situations. But for workers who aren’t union members, the world of employment rights can be a confusing one. And with a mass unemployment crisis looming, it’s vital that more people are aware of their rights and their options.

If you are worried about where you employer or industry is headed, or you know someone who is, check out the TUC’s free advice calls at

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