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26 Oct 2016

New official figures published today (Wednesday) by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) show that workers in Wales are still £12 a week worse off than they were before the financial crash, according to the Wales TUC.

The ONS figures show that in 2016 real wages in Wales were still 2.4% below their 2008 level.

With inflation predicted to overtake wage growth in 2017, the Wales TUC is worried that another living standards crisis is on the horizon.

Wales TUC General Secretary Martin Mansfield said:

“Many families have seen their wages fall or not keep pace with living costs since the financial crash. The last thing they need is yet another hit to their pay packets.

“We need clear action from both UK and Welsh governments.

“The UK government must act by providing badly needed large scale investment as well as supporting low-paid workers with further increases to the minimum wage and supporting the role of unions in collective bargaining.

“The Welsh government needs a bold economic strategy dedicated to making us a Fair Work Nation.

“A robust plan for better jobs with stronger wages over the long term will make Wales more prosperous and families less vulnerable in economic downturns.

"Now is the time for the Welsh government to set out that plan and deliver it in social partnership with the Wales TUC and employer organisations."


- The calculations are based on median gross weekly earnings for full time employees, from Table 12 of ‘ASHE 1997 to 2016 selected estimates’ dataset. An adjustment has been made for the change of industrial classification from 2011. Prices effects are removed using the government’s preferred CPI measure of annual inflation for April of each year through to April 2016.

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