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The Wales TUC has welcomed First Minister Mark Drakeford’s statement on strengthening social partnership and creating a Fair Work Nation.

The trade union organisation has campaigned for Welsh Government to use all the powers it has to make work better and fairer. Today’s statement confirms that Welsh Government shares this ambition.

Responding to the First Minister’s statement, Martin Mansfield General Secretary of the Wales TUC said:

Martin Mansfield's response to the First Minister's social partnership statement

“This is just the sort of positive, radical and practical approach to social partnership we were hoping to hear from the First Minister.

“He sets out clearly the reasons for enhancing our social partnership and giving it statutory underpinning.

“Importantly, the government has also endorsed the Wales TUC’s key campaign aim – that the decline in collective bargaining coverage must be reversed.

“There is a pragmatic focus on delivery, which is absolutely required if we are to make progress. But there is also an underlying recognition of partnership being the Welsh way – a vision and a set of deeply held beliefs which we in the trades union movement share with him.

“We look forward to working in true co-operation and partnership with Welsh government and employers to make Wales a fair work nation.

“That is a challenging task. It will take tough negotiation, trust and compromise to find a shared way through the complex and difficult issues which must be addressed - but we are ready to make a start tomorrow through the new shadow Social Partnership Council.

“We owe the workers of Wales nothing less.”

Watch the First Minister's Statement on social partnership below and see how we have been campaigning to make Wales a Fair Work Nation


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