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We welcome the Fair Work Commission's report and its recommendations to support and promote trade unions.
Wales TUC has been campaigning to make Wales a Fair Work Nation
Wales TUC has been campaigning to make Wales a Fair Work Nation

We welcome the report recently published by the Fair Work Commission.

The report recommends that the Welsh Government should take all measures possible within its sphere of competence to support and promote trade unions and collective bargaining. It also recommends that an Office of Fair Work should be established as a necessary linchpin for fair work within Welsh Government.

The Welsh Government established the Commission as an independent panel of experts to advise on how it can use devolved powers to make our country a Fair Work Nation.

Martin Mansfield, General Secretary of the Wales TUC, said:

“The Wales TUC has long campaigned to make Wales a Fair Work Nation through social partnership. The Commission’s report is a welcome contribution towards achieving that aim.

“It’s significant that an independent expert group has supported the key steps towards fair work which the Wales TUC has called for. In particular, the Commission recognises the central role of unions and collective bargaining in making work fair and the need for Welsh Government to use every lever it has to deliver fair work.

“The Commission recognises the need for immediate government action – informed by unions and employers – in addition to the development of necessary legislation.

“Welsh trade unions look forward to working in partnership with government and employers to help Wales lead the way as a fair work nation.

“What is needed now is real urgency and resource behind delivery. Welsh workers deserve nothing less.”

Read the Fair Work Commission’s full report published by the Welsh Government and see how we have been campaigning to make Wales a Fair Work Nation

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