Issue date
Following talks with Welsh Government on reopening the indoor hospitality sector, Wales TUC General Secretary Shavanah Taj made the following statement.

The Wales TUC and our affiliated unions in the hospitality sector call on the Welsh Government to announce a date for the reopening of the indoor hospitality sector.

We welcome today’s discussions with Welsh Government on the development of mitigating measures, that include COVID 19-specific risk assessments and detailed guidance that is paramount to protecting workers.

Many workers are anxious about their future employment prospects as the furlough scheme is winding down and an increasing number of employers are issuing redundancy notices. Workers and employers believe a date for the reopening of indoor hospitality may provide certainty for the sector and prevent more job losses. 

Trades unions believe that, in setting an opening date, a review point for outdoor opening of pubs, bars and cafes would have to be taken into account. Businesses will also need time to put appropriate safety measures in place. No worker can be put at risk for the sake of business survival. 

Unions are also working with Welsh Government to bring self-employed and freelance workers back into work through the safe introduction of live music and performances, looking to other countries for examples of good practice. As a next step, we would welcome clearer guidance and a timetable for the return of the performing arts.

We remain clear that PPE, the Test, Trace, Protect strategy (with financial support so that there is no pay penalty for self-isolation), trade union access, health and safety reps, regulation and enforcement of the 2 metre rule are key to the success of reopening, as is fair work and social partnership.