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Commenting ahead of this week’s crucial Brexit votes Martin Mansfield, General Secretary of the Wales TUC, said:

“We’re calling on all Welsh MPs to stand up for their constituents and do all they can to avoid a no-deal Brexit.

“The consequences of no-deal for Wales would be devastating. It would mean job losses, falling wages, and rising prices. We would face chaos at our ports and shortages in food and medical supplies. And it would put hard-won workers’ rights at risk.  

“The Wales TUC supports the Welsh Government’s decisions to recall the National Assembly and to join legal efforts to prevent the suspension of Parliament.  

“We also support any democratic initiative to stop a disastrous no-deal.

“The UK Government’s attempts to prorogue parliament and shut down debate are reckless and divisive. All Welsh MPs must vote to ensure that the voices of working people in Wales are heard.”