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Wales TUC General Secretary Shavanah Taj has today welcomed the publication of the new Welsh Government ‘Net Zero Wales’ plan:
“We welcome the publication of the Net Zero Wales plan and we will be looking closely at the detail.

“Every industry and every workplace needs a plan for a net-zero future. High-carbon workplaces are at the frontline of this transformation, but all workplaces need to take action.

“Done right, action on climate has the potential to transform and strengthen our industries, create good jobs and address inequalities. But if we don’t get it right, there is a danger that jobs could be lost, emissions off-shored and communities hollowed out.

“That is why unions have called for a ‘just transition’ to net-zero. A ‘just transition’ is one where workers have a central voice in planning the transition, so it is done ‘with’ them not ‘to’ them. It’s one where no workers or communities are left behind. And where new jobs that are created are just as good any that are lost in terms of pay, skills, pensions, equality, health and safety and trade union recognition.

“We hope that this plan will put in place firm foundations for a just, green transition -  with worker voice, fairness and the creation of good quality jobs at its heart.

“We need clear support from Welsh Government and employers through the recognition of trade union ‘green’ reps. Green reps work with members and employers to help cut carbon and ensure that action on climate is fair, developed collaboratively and is fully supported by the workforce. If they are serious about climate action, employers must give green reps facility time to train for and carry out their role.

“We also recognise that many key levers and investment capabilities lie beyond the Welsh Government’s powers. A key issue is the funding settlement from UK government and the need to increase funding for net zero at a UK level. The Wales TUC supports the TUC's calls for the UK government to increase funding for net zero in line with other G7 countries.

“Wales could see a huge return on investment and thousands of new jobs if the Welsh Government had more money to invest in low-carbon infrastructure, renewable energy projects and sustainable homes. We also need to support our vital high-carbon industries to move to lower carbon models - for example, Wales could become a world leader in green steel.”

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