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Today, TUC Northern are launching the Great Jobs Quiz. This will be a huge campaign to get people to rate their jobs – and join together to make them better.


It will involve workers scoring their employers on whether they:

•             Pay everyone at least the voluntary living wage

•             Employ people on zero-hours contracts

•             Pay women fairly

•             Help workers get on in life

•             Make sure workplaces are safe

•             Treat everyone with respect

•             Support disabled people and parents in the workplace.


Beth Farhat says "Work matters. Quality of our jobs matters. We spend a third of our waking hours doing it yet issues in the workplace often go unreported.  With increasing incidents of bullying, stress, unmanageable workloads, insecure or zero hours contracts, low pay and  jobs where people aren't treated fairly and no-one gets a say in how things are run - It’s time for change!


That's why we've built the Great Jobs Quiz. We want all workers - from zero-hours temps to permanent employees - to rank how their workplace performs, helping us to uncover what is really going on in Britain’s workplaces. Great jobs for everyone, in every part of the UK, must become as much a shared desire for all of us.”


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