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When times are tough trade unionists stick together. And we fight for each other’s rights.

The TUC is currently campaigning for Sick Pay for All and pay for parents taking time off to look after children. Trades unions in Wales are also working together to campaign for workers in their sectors.


Health unions and the NHS

Wales TUC, along with health unions, has signed a letter calling on the Welsh Government to:

  • Institute mass testing and tracing of all NHS workers and their families, as well as staff such as care workers working in other frontline services with vulnerable groups.

  • Urgently supply adequate PPE for all NHS staff and others working with suspected cases, from doctors to carers and porters.

  • Introduce routine testing of all current and new inpatients.

  • Create an agreed, standardised admission route for assessment and testing of anyone presenting with respiratory/COVID-19 symptoms at all frontline medical services and specialisms, not just GPs and A&E (i.e., mental health services, paediatrics, radiography, etc).

  • Institute an immediate ban on all non-essential hospital visiting.

  • Ensure that NHS staff are being advised on safe working and are able to take adequate rest periods to avoid burnout.

  • Immediately suspend hospital accommodation fees for staff.

Read the letter in full and, if you are a health worker in Wales, sign the letter yourself .

Small graphic highlighting the appeal from NHS Wales workers to Welsh Government
Graphic with Wales TUC and Unison union demands to Welsh Government to protect NHS Wales workers

Income for freelance workers in the arts and media

The Federation of Entertainment Unions is calling on the UK Government to introduce an income guarantee for freelance and self-employed workers for the duration of the COVID-19 outbreak. They say:

“Theatres have gone dark, music venues are silent and film and TV productions have closed. Freelance journalists and photographers are finding their work diaries are being cleared out.

“The majority of freelances are not eligible for statutory sick pay if they are unable to work because of the virus and have recourse only to Employment Support Allowance and Universal Credit. These welfare benefits are for those on low or zero incomes, and unsuitable for those who make a living from self-employment.

“We urgently need the Government to step in and help us at this time.”

Read the full statement:

Image with FEU statement