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Martin Mansfield, General Secretary of the Wales TUC, has commented on the First Minister's decision not to proceed with the M4 relief road around Newport.

Martin Mansfield, said:

“Wales has massive infrastructure development needs – both north and south - in transport, in housing and in energy.

"It's a bit rich for Westminster’s Secretary of State in Wales to criticise this decision when it is his government which has cut every significant infrastructure project in Wales from tidal lagoons to rail electrification – and his government which has bled Wales’ finances dry through a decade of austerity.

“The M4 debate has concentrated on road congestion and environmental impact so far, but the social impacts need to be considered too. We need to take account of all the challenges facing our economy and services in Wales – we need to plan what investments can be financed and prioritise those which provide the greatest impact on disadvantage throughout Wales. All public investment must result in good quality employment and maximise long term value for our communities.

“We want to see Wales move to a greener, fairer economy where we share prosperity and protect people’s health and well-being; but that can only happen as part of a co-ordinated plan – not a series of one-off decisions.

“The Welsh government should now move quickly to implement its commitment to make Wales a fair work nation through social partnership – using the pooled knowledge of employers, unions and government to achieve the better future for Wales we all aspire to.”

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