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More than 790,000 workers are now on zero-hours contracts

For too many workers, insecure, low-paid work has become a part of everyday life.

Too often, zero-hours contracts are being used to exploit workers. Hours are never guaranteed, making financial planning impossible. Workers on these contracts are denied sick and holiday pay. If something goes wrong, there’s no safety net. Stress and anxiety about work are hurting workers and their families.

It’s taken too long to deal with this growing problem. That's why I've started this petition, calling for the government to take action and end zero-hours contracts once and for all.

Sign the petition, calling on Theresa May to act on zero-hours contracts when Parliament resumes.

When she became Prime Minister, Theresa May promised to focus on the issues affecting "just about managing" families, those facing job insecurity and the rising cost of living. More than two years on, nothing has been done.

When Parliament resumes shortly, we can’t allow them to just quietly forget about this. We need to see real action from the government on insecure work.

Every worker should have the right to a contract that guarantees the hours they work and the conditions they need for a decent working life.

Big changes like this come when thousands of us raise our voice. It's workers in their unions that won the weekend, holiday pay, health and safety provisions and protection from discrimination.

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