Issue date
21 Sep 2014

Welcoming Ed Miliband's national minimum wage pledge,TUC General Secretary Frances O'Grady said:

"Raising the minimum wage and putting more money into the hands of low-paid workers won't just be welcomed by hard-pressed families, it will also be good news for local economies who will benefit from a boost in workers' spending power. 

"The predictable scaremongering from business about the impact of a rising minimum wage on jobs should be ignored. They said the same in the 1990s before the minimum wage was introduced. They were wrong then and they are wrong again now.

"After years of falling real pay we need a range of policies to ensure fairer pay from board level to the shop floor. The TUC believes Britain needs a pay rise - only then will the recovery start to feel real for people in work. 

"That is why workers and their families from all across the country will be coming to London next month to join the TUC's march and rally on 18 October to call for fairer pay."