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30 Oct 2013

Next Thursday (7 November) is Equal Pay Day – the day on which women effectively stop being paid for the year because of the gender pay gap.

The date for Equal Pay Day – which will be marked by the TUC and the Fawcett Society, as well as other unions and campaigning organisations – is set by the latest pay statistics, which show that women working full-time earn 15 per cent less per hour (excluding overtime) than men working full-time.

The gender pay gap for women working part-time is even greater at 35.6 per cent. For the UK’s six million female part-time workers, they effectively stop being paid on 27 August.

The TUC will mark Equal Pay Day with an analysis looking at the size of the gender pay in occupations across the workforce. Its analysis of official figures will show that in many professions the gender pay gap is far greater than 15 per cent.

If you’d like an embargoed copy of the TUC’s equal pay analysis, or further information on Equal Pay Day, please contact the TUC press office.


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